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How To Destroy A Jeep Play Video

How To Destroy A Jeep

118 months ago 1,129,802 15

A group of kids set out to destroy an old Jeep. I guess this is what they m...

Hamster Spin Cycle Play Video

Hamster Spin Cycle

118 months ago 1,031,287 2

This guy attaches a speedometer to his hamsters wheel to see how fast the l...

Exclusive Crank Yankers Clip Play Video

Exclusive Crank Yankers Clip

118 months ago 415,625 1

Our buddies Adam Corolla and Jimmy Kimmel sent us over this exclusive clip ...

Hit And Run Over Play Video

Hit And Run Over

118 months ago 1,143,063 4

This driver is an absolute psychopath. After side swiping another car he lo...

Pole Dancing 101 Play Video

Pole Dancing 101

118 months ago 1,792,678 5

Here's a video you can send to your girlfriend. Tell her valentines day is ...

Drug Dealer Tries To Get Away Play Video

Drug Dealer Tries To Get Away

118 months ago 778,441 114,876

This is amateur footage of a drug deal that has gone bad taken from the roo...

Freezing Cold Water Play Video

Freezing Cold Water

118 months ago 1,128,799 2

Alright, I wonder if this has anything to do with that Corona trick. This ...

Audi Drifting On Roundabout Play Video

Audi Drifting On Roundabout

118 months ago 842,516 4

A crazy Norwegian driver drifts through a roundabout several times in a row...

Table Jump Face Plant Play Video

Table Jump Face Plant

118 months ago 679,806 3

First he jumps over a folding chair and lands it easily. Next challenge, a ...

Amazing Cliff Jump Onto Boxes Play Video

Amazing Cliff Jump Onto Boxes

118 months ago 882,659 4

This is an absolutely amazing stunt, a guy does a flip off a huge cliff and...

Gymnast Bad Landing Play Video

Gymnast Bad Landing

118 months ago 953,069 11

A young gymnast screws up her jump and lands directly on her neck. Watch as...


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