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Monkey Scared of Reflection Play Video

Monkey Scared of Reflection

123 months ago 473,297 11

Somebody tosses a mirror over the fence at a zoo and a monkey picks it up. ...

World Cup Tickets Play Video

World Cup Tickets

123 months ago 405,432 718,610

On the way to the final game of the World Cup a group of guys celebrate wit...

Pounding Punches Play Video

Pounding Punches

123 months ago 897,497 5

Check out these two fighters exchanging punches. In less than 30 seconds t...

Will Ferrell At The ESPYs Play Video

Will Ferrell At The ESPYs

123 months ago 501,805 1

Will Ferrell reunited Lance Armstrong with his long lost father at the ESPY...

Soldier With Magic Stick Play Video

Soldier With Magic Stick

123 months ago 573,886 16

Soldier performs a pretty cool magic trick. Dont know how he'd doing this, ...

Helicopter Flat Spin Crash Play Video

Helicopter Flat Spin Crash

123 months ago 449,526 230,568

Newschopper 4 goes into an incredible flat spin over some row houses and cr...

Little Scared of High Speeds Play Video

Little Scared of High Speeds

123 months ago 375,689 9

This dude was suppose to go on a drive with a professional driver and repor...

Im Not A Child Play Video

Im Not A Child

123 months ago 906,303 5

This is a very funny spoof of Britney Spears from Mad TV. I usually think ...

Guy Cries After Being Tazed Play Video

Guy Cries After Being Tazed

123 months ago 465,330 582,854

Now there is no doubt that this dude was not listening to the cop and deser...

Bad Ski Rail Fall Play Video

Bad Ski Rail Fall

123 months ago 349,091 900,966

Somedays you beat the rail, other days the rail beats you. But you always g...

Driving Into The Pool Play Video

Driving Into The Pool

123 months ago 359,289 259,587

A summer tradition, driving your minivan into your above ground pool. I thi...

Failed Table Slam Play Video

Failed Table Slam

123 months ago 486,270 91,929

A guy trying to imitate his friend's table slam fails miserably. How drunk ...

President Bush Swears Play Video

President Bush Swears

123 months ago 490,395 1

A stray microphone captured a very candid moment between President Bush and...

Rubber Band Gatling Gun Play Video

Rubber Band Gatling Gun

123 months ago 560,412 1

A couple of guys got bored at work and made a rubber band gatling gun. Che...

Another Huge Racing Wipeout Play Video

Another Huge Racing Wipeout

123 months ago 398,569 455,499

Check out this crash from the Winston 500. The drivers front end gets just...

Battle Over A Burger Play Video

Battle Over A Burger

123 months ago 395,521 3

A couple kids get in a fight over a burger in a parking lot. One of the ki...

Two Headed Cat Play Video

Two Headed Cat

123 months ago 429,735 10

Recently a cat was born with two faces. From what I understand each face is...

Pool Bubble Rings! Play Video

Pool Bubble Rings!

123 months ago 388,585 75,281

This is truly the lord of the rings' video. This guy can hold his breath f...

Kung Fu Knock Out Play Video

Kung Fu Knock Out

123 months ago 673,982 230,100

Kung Fu Knock OUT! Damn that looks like it hurt. Put him in a body bag John...


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