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Arabs Try To Ride Motorcycle Play Video

Arabs Try To Ride Motorcycle

114 months ago 360,990

A couple arabs jump on a motorcycle for the first time. The driver guns th...

Skater Launched Off Dock Play Video

Skater Launched Off Dock

114 months ago 297,728

This guy on skates is towed by a car and launched off a dock clearing two c...

Wussy Skater Fight Play Video

Wussy Skater Fight

114 months ago 1,011,903

This is single handedly the funniest and most pathetic fight Ive ever poste...

Magic Beer Pong Table Play Video

Magic Beer Pong Table

114 months ago 369,685

These guy must have spent hours creating this awesome stop motion beer pong...

A Small Debt Paid In Full Play Video

A Small Debt Paid In Full

114 months ago 491,810

This dude owes his buddy one hundred bucks and still doesnt have the money ...

Walmart Intercom Prank Play Video

Walmart Intercom Prank

114 months ago 763,333

This guy gets on the intercom at walmart and raps Baby Got Back until someo...

Cheating Wife Videos Play Video

Cheating Wife Videos

114 months ago 3,051,503

A man catches his wife with another man and takes a pipe to the guy's car w...

Revenge Prank Play Video

Revenge Prank

114 months ago 532,943

The guy who got pranked with the dead bird in his cereal sets up a revenge ...

11 Guys At The Playground Play Video

11 Guys At The Playground

114 months ago 494,561

These guys have created a really funny video demonstrating 11 guys you alwa...

Now Thats A Gun Play Video

Now Thats A Gun

114 months ago 693,561

I guess accuracy isnt really that important when you got this for a gun.

Student Slams Head On Desk Play Video

Student Slams Head On Desk

114 months ago 345,175

Some kid tries to jump from a desk to the top of another desk but if you wa...

60 Foot Backyard Slide Play Video

60 Foot Backyard Slide

114 months ago 994,284

While these kids parents were out of town they built a 60 foot long watersl...

Funniest Best Man Speech Ever Play Video

Funniest Best Man Speech Ever

114 months ago 1,118,174

Anyone whos ever been to a wedding knows that Best Man speeches during the ...


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