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White Kids Cant Dance Play Video

White Kids Cant Dance

125 months ago 131,283 233,464

I had to watch this clip twice because I couldnt figure out if this guy was...

Box of Free Kittens Play Video

Box of Free Kittens

125 months ago 52,468 8

Be careful of random boxes claiming to be giving away anything for free. Wa...

Scared The Crap Out of Me Play Video

Scared The Crap Out of Me

125 months ago 218,156 1

A simple yet very effective April fools prank for those who havent thought ...

Classic Golf Ball Prank Play Video

Classic Golf Ball Prank

125 months ago 794,266 11

Take one Land Cruiser, about three thousand golf balls and a friend who is ...

Let's All Do the Sprain Play Video

Let's All Do the Sprain

125 months ago 143,125 8

Since when is crutch dancing a fun after school activity? This guy knows he...

Operation Taco Bell Play Video

Operation Taco Bell

125 months ago 205,407 29

Probably the best fast food drive through snags I''ve seen in a long time. ...

Nintendo 64 Kid Goes Crazy Play Video

Nintendo 64 Kid Goes Crazy

125 months ago 325,682 10

A kid gets Nintendo 64 on Christmas and proceeds to go insane. I definitely...

Paint Ball Gun or BB Gun Play Video

Paint Ball Gun or BB Gun

125 months ago 122,946 1

These guys bet what hits harder a paintball gun or a BB gun. Guess which o...

Hottest Sauce in the World Play Video

Hottest Sauce in the World

125 months ago 108,447 1

These guys get their buddy to eat a chicken wing with a hot sauce ranking i...

Clown Mask Wake Up Play Video

Clown Mask Wake Up

125 months ago 228,142 1

Clowns creep me out in the daytime when I see them out in public. I cant im...

Extreme Escalator Mishap Play Video

Extreme Escalator Mishap

125 months ago 782,926 2

Extreme escalator diving will not be a new olympic sport, calm down China. ...

Skater Wrecks on Rail Play Video

Skater Wrecks on Rail

125 months ago 137,616 1

The greatest thing about these skaters is that I bet this guy got right bac...

Snow Mobile Wipeout Play Video

Snow Mobile Wipeout

125 months ago 42,890 112,904

Not sure what this rider was thinking but it wasnt about turning. He compl...

Insane Air Show Crash Footage Play Video

Insane Air Show Crash Footage

125 months ago 469,290 1

This footage from a Russian air show crash is pretty incredible. I don't kn...


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