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Very Painful Face Plant Play Video

Very Painful Face Plant

120 months ago 1,144,867 4,939,836

This looks like one of the most painful failed flip attempts I have ever se...

Drag Racing Filmed at 1000 fps Play Video

Drag Racing Filmed at 1000 fps

120 months ago 1,328,032 14

A high quality slow motion camera films drag races at 1000 frames per secon...

360 Flip From Roof To Pool Play Video

360 Flip From Roof To Pool

120 months ago 901,674 6

A guy does lands a 360 degree flip from the roof of his house to his pool. ...

Girls Hook Up At Club Play Video

Girls Hook Up At Club

120 months ago 2,847,529 4

Two hot chicks hook up at a club. We havent gotten a good girls making out ...

Bathtub Diving Play Video

Bathtub Diving

120 months ago 612,087 1,082,419

Some dude tries to dive into his bathtub filled with about 12 inches of wat...

Friday The 13th Crash Play Video

Friday The 13th Crash

120 months ago 860,805 1,110,336

Maybe you shouldnt race when it's Friday the 13th. This video was taken at ...

Tyra Banks Goes Insane Play Video

Tyra Banks Goes Insane

120 months ago 1,479,358 2

Ok so Tyra isnt even trying to hide the fact that she is a low rent Oprah w...

Penn State Student President Play Video

Penn State Student President

120 months ago 714,279 293,522

Recently Penn State elected a new Student Body President and he has an inte...

Truly Amazing Blind Kid Play Video

Truly Amazing Blind Kid

120 months ago 1,188,187 4

This video is about a blind teenager that has overome many obstacles. He ca...

Pulling Teeth With A Wrench Play Video

Pulling Teeth With A Wrench

120 months ago 383,673 467,798

I guess this is what happens when your job doesnt give you dental benefits....

Code Red Commercial Play Video

Code Red Commercial

120 months ago 532,644 335,511

These guys tell their friend that they are going to film a mock mountain de...

Really Quick Shave Play Video

Really Quick Shave

120 months ago 697,295 2

This guy has figured out a really fast way to get shave using axe deodorant...

Teen Steals Car Play Video

Teen Steals Car

A fifteen year old runaway steals her parents car and is being chased by th...


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