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Flying Head Butt From Bull Play Video

Flying Head Butt From Bull

120 months ago 727,903 1,540,046

This bull catches the matador off guard as it jumps and them slams the dude...

Big Time Body Slam Play Video

Big Time Body Slam

120 months ago 511,615 6,976

This dude lets his buddy grab him by the neck and slam him as hard as he ca...

Table Dance Gone Wrong Play Video

Table Dance Gone Wrong

120 months ago 1,106,093 5

There's nothing like learning the hard way how not to dance on tables. The ...

Slow Motion Bottle Breaks Play Video

Slow Motion Bottle Breaks

120 months ago 710,928 314,619

It may be cool to look at, but there is nothing sadder than seeing a full b...

Jet Powered Fire Extinguisher Play Video

Jet Powered Fire Extinguisher

120 months ago 691,911 1

This thing is pretty friggin cool. Its basically a jet powered fire exting...

Anti-Gravity Balls Play Video

Anti-Gravity Balls

120 months ago 692,875 724,491

Greg Kanned had invented a very cool new technique to juggle. Looks very im...

Steve-O Death Threat Play Video

Steve-O Death Threat

120 months ago 1,079,310 206,305

Steve-O here. Stephen Dorff didn't like it when I stole his supermodel girl...

Guy Owned By Treadmill Play Video

Guy Owned By Treadmill

120 months ago 836,886 7,955,602

I'm not sure what this guy thought was going to happen when he jumped onto ...

Midget Fight On Springer Play Video

Midget Fight On Springer

120 months ago 2,990,109 132

On a recent Springer episode the topic was "Midget Fights & Todd dates a Tr...

Fastest Gun In The West Play Video

Fastest Gun In The West

120 months ago 1,850,172 12

You got to give this guy some credit. He shoots 5 targets with 5 shots in ...

Fight Breaks Out In Courtroom Play Video

Fight Breaks Out In Courtroom

120 months ago 1,238,804 2

This is actual footage from inside a courtroom where the victims family dec...

Thats Not A Knife Play Video

Thats Not A Knife

120 months ago 1,603,856 9

Some dude tries to rob a store with a pretty big knife only to be trumped b...

Table Pool Slip And Slide Play Video

Table Pool Slip And Slide

120 months ago 1,083,895 7,925,594

Sometimes taking two really fun activities and combining them doesn't creat...

Puppy Love Play Video

Puppy Love

120 months ago 744,223 3

Billy passed out after a long night of drinking, and his dog decided to tak...

Really Bored During Speech Play Video

Really Bored During Speech

120 months ago 518,292 164,971

If your own publisher can't stay awake while you talk about your new book i...


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