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Helicopter Performing Stunts Play Video

Helicopter Performing Stunts

113 months ago 445,535

This helicopter pilot has some major league big balls. Hes performing stunt...

Skills With A Hammer Play Video

Skills With A Hammer

113 months ago 690,648

This guy juggles with three hammers and pulls off some pretty awesome trick...

Rebound Faceplant Play Video

Rebound Faceplant

113 months ago 292,286

Guy goes up to the boards for a rebound and comes down hard on his head. Ou...

Snowman Lands On Kids Nuts Play Video

Snowman Lands On Kids Nuts

113 months ago 419,805

A kid tries to pull a snowman over but it ends up landing on top of him sma...

Asian Commercials Are Weird Play Video

Asian Commercials Are Weird

113 months ago 558,162

Asian people continually amaze me with their weird products, game shows and...

Dad Scares His Daughter Play Video

Dad Scares His Daughter

113 months ago 922,959

This father sneaks up on his little girl and scares her while she is watchi...

Blind Folded Tackle Play Video

Blind Folded Tackle

113 months ago 219,674

When youre bored and not old enough to drink yet sometimes you need to come...

James Brown Love Machine Play Video

James Brown Love Machine

113 months ago 130,752

From the guys who created Internet People here is episode 2 of their new se...

Kid Slips Jumping Off Cliff Play Video

Kid Slips Jumping Off Cliff

113 months ago 405,667

Some kid jumps off a cliff but as he pushes off his foot slips causing him ...

Coffee Creamer Explosions Play Video

Coffee Creamer Explosions

113 months ago 329,985

Who would of known that coffee creamer is actually highly flammable. This ...

Break Gallery CLVII Play Video

Break Gallery CLVII

Break Gallery #157!!! Just in time for hump day, another huge array of the ...

Oil Drill Backfires Play Video

Oil Drill Backfires

113 months ago 263,239

These guys are setting up a drill and just begin to drill into the ocean fl...

South Korea LCD Crowd Play Video

South Korea LCD Crowd

113 months ago 633,827

This is absolutely amazing! This is a clip of the spectators during a socc...


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