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Magnesium Explosion Play Video

Magnesium Explosion

119 months ago 628,374 1,515,311

A small MPEG camera on the engine films fires kinda like COPS. This was a s...

Rob Falls Through Roof Play Video

Rob Falls Through Roof

119 months ago 443,021 239,539

While shooting a music video this guy Rob has to get on top of a building. ...

Egg Nog Puke In Mouth Play Video

Egg Nog Puke In Mouth

119 months ago 1,357,104 1

In order to be an intern on the Opie and Anthony show this guy volunteers t...

Ice Cube Coin Party Trick Play Video

Ice Cube Coin Party Trick

119 months ago 949,588 1,478,270

Ok we must have watched this video 15 times when we first saw it in just su...

Chick Faceplants Off Ladder Play Video

Chick Faceplants Off Ladder

119 months ago 1,015,939 573,959

The point of this exercise was to fall forward off the ladder and gently la...

Nike Juice Slow Mo Explosions Play Video

Nike Juice Slow Mo Explosions

119 months ago 708,777 2

I guess Nike has a new golf ball that they are testing by shooting it at ev...

Haggar  Loud Stereo Play Video

Haggar Loud Stereo

119 months ago 822,453 7

This is a really funny ad for Haggar. Dont you hate that idiot who drives a...

Lubricant Can Explosion Play Video

Lubricant Can Explosion

119 months ago 893,420 3

A guy smacks a flaming can of lubricant with a stick, hoping to...well not ...

255 Pounds Of Ownage Play Video

255 Pounds Of Ownage

119 months ago 974,368 1,231,002

Kids are coming up with the coolest games these days. Hey, let's play put a...

Break Gallery CXIII Play Video

Break Gallery CXIII

Break Gallery 113!!! My new favorite, Josie Maran, is back along with some ...

Saudi Road Skating Play Video

Saudi Road Skating

119 months ago 818,260 5

A couple of Saudi Arabian guys in sandals skate down the highway while hold...

Security Guard Gets Beat Up Play Video

Security Guard Gets Beat Up

119 months ago 940,408 6,933

Here is a crappy way for to start the holiday shopping season. This poor s...


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