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Potato Canon Explosio Play Video

Potato Canon Explosio

117 months ago 779,715 308,783

These guys pour gasoline down the barrel of a pneumatic potato gun and shoo...

Tide Gets The Stains Out Play Video

Tide Gets The Stains Out

117 months ago 708,458 1

You knew Tide was good at cleaning those really tough stains but did you al...

Funny Myspace Video Spoof Play Video

Funny Myspace Video Spoof

117 months ago 449,677 1

This is a very well done spoof on Myspace videos. These guys are actually v...

Revenge Nut Shot Play Video

Revenge Nut Shot

117 months ago 1,337,511 2

This guys best friend Dave apparently tried to sleep with his sister so hes...

Ninjas Dont Joke Play Video

Ninjas Dont Joke

117 months ago 957,825 6

This is a pretty funny clip of some dude that tries to prove to his girlfri...

Bag Explosion Under Nuts Play Video

Bag Explosion Under Nuts

117 months ago 1,586,742 16

Heres what happens when an airbag is placed in a bucket and it is ignited w...

Rough ATV Crash Play Video

Rough ATV Crash

117 months ago 646,730 5,414,654

Two guys on ATVs go up a jump, and only one comes down. The other guy has a...

Helicopter Crash At Air Show Play Video

Helicopter Crash At Air Show

117 months ago 940,829 5,378,589

During an air show one helicopter clips the tail of another helicopter send...


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