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Toilet Popper Bombing Play Video

Toilet Popper Bombing

124 months ago 75,424 421,444

Just when you think you''ve finally gotten some peace and quiet your friend...

Pool Rube Goldberg Play Video

Pool Rube Goldberg

124 months ago 43,616 7

Again, just when you think you''ve finally found some peace and quiet your ...

Pool Rube Goldberg Play Video

Pool Rube Goldberg

124 months ago 70,968 207,358

Pretty cool rube goldberg machine using a pool table. In college we wanted ...

White Men Cant Rap Play Video

White Men Cant Rap

124 months ago 127,666 14

With "artists" like the Ying Yang Twins and Mike Jones destroying 20 years ...

Kimbo vs Gannon Play Video

Kimbo vs Gannon

124 months ago 1,288,342 5

Remember that backyard organized street fight from about a year ago where <...

Hair Dryer Flour Prank Play Video

Hair Dryer Flour Prank

124 months ago 323,249 365,062

Ever notice how much time women spend drying their hair? Well this is a rea...

Bike Crash Flip Out Play Video

Bike Crash Flip Out

124 months ago 259,665 1,015,893

All I can say is thank god for those leather suits and controlled slides. H...

First Graders Gettin Down Play Video

First Graders Gettin Down

125 months ago 110,492 1

How is it possible that these first graders have more rhythm than me at age...

Excited To Go To The Gym Play Video

Excited To Go To The Gym

125 months ago 113,164 394,077

This is a pretty funny clip of a guy that is very excited about going to th...

Time To Let Go Play Video

Time To Let Go

125 months ago 184,688 435,201

A girl comes home to meet her boyfriends parents and learns that he is defi...

Failed Dock Jump Attempt Play Video

Failed Dock Jump Attempt

125 months ago 323,996 5

This guys friends have all bet him $40 that he cant jump from one dock to t...

Jo Koy On Michael Jackson Play Video

Jo Koy On Michael Jackson

125 months ago 126,062 306,018

We''ve all seen ton of people do a Michael Jackson impression but I must sa...

Funny Yellow Pages Ad Play Video

Funny Yellow Pages Ad

125 months ago 93,989 4

I dont really see what this has to do with the yellow pages but this is pre...

Snowboard Bench Slam Play Video

Snowboard Bench Slam

125 months ago 44,016 1

The most important thing to remember when snowboarding is you gotta keep th...


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