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Motocross The Sphere Play Video

Motocross The Sphere

121 months ago 320,174 1,316,233

Ok this is awesome, a bunch of motocross riders enter the sphere and ride a...

Sneak Out Of Class Play Video

Sneak Out Of Class

121 months ago 522,058 273,593

When you have a very old teacher, sneaking out of class can be easier than ...

Evil State of the Union Play Video

Evil State of the Union

121 months ago 429,858 1

Ok this is one for you liberals, but whatever you're political beliefs are ...

My Backpacks Got Jets Play Video

My Backpacks Got Jets

121 months ago 422,604 1

I think we have all wanted one of these in the past. You would think someo...

G Force Training For Pilots Play Video

G Force Training For Pilots

121 months ago 543,689 6

This is actual footage from an airfoce training facility. Its a group of p...

Funny Ballon Prank Angry RA Play Video

Funny Ballon Prank Angry RA

122 months ago 596,045 1

This is hilarious, these guys fill their RA's office with $80 worth of ball...

Cat Crawls Into Bottle Play Video

Cat Crawls Into Bottle

122 months ago 492,160 1,426,637

I watch this video and its still hard to believe that a cat can fit through...

Declassified Russian UFO Tape Play Video

Declassified Russian UFO Tape

122 months ago 701,127 300,360

I thought this was a pretty interesting tape recently declassified from the...

Soldier Head Butts Ram Play Video

Soldier Head Butts Ram

122 months ago 618,205 1

I guess when they're not doing magic tricks with dollar bills, our soldiers...

Lets Go To Prison Trailer Play Video

Lets Go To Prison Trailer

122 months ago 307,552 9

Check out this exclusive trailer for the upcoming movie Lets Go To Prison s...

How To Get Rich Quick Play Video

How To Get Rich Quick

122 months ago 669,623 3

This soldier has found an awesome way to get rich quick. With skills like t...

Smokin Hot Beer Girl Play Video

Smokin Hot Beer Girl

122 months ago 1,386,198 9

Two guys are sitting on a beach and one of them pulls out a beer. A girl s...

Semi Truck With Spinners Play Video

Semi Truck With Spinners

122 months ago 457,884 2

Dont let any truck drivers convince you that gas prices are hurting them. ...

Beatbox Parrot Play Video

Beatbox Parrot

122 months ago 503,005 6

Some guy taught his parrot how to beatbox and the little fella is actually ...

Motorcycle Jump Misses Play Video

Motorcycle Jump Misses

122 months ago 676,326 1

A dude jumps a bride with his motorcycle but the wind is too strong and pus...

Failed Skiing Back Flip Play Video

Failed Skiing Back Flip

122 months ago 280,080 819,857

Ok if you're name isn't Johnny Mosely maybe you should stick to going up an...

The Worlds Worst Goalkeepers Play Video

The Worlds Worst Goalkeepers

122 months ago 797,155 1

Great compilation of some of the worst goalies moments. My favorite is the...

Mel Gibson Hates Jews Play Video

Mel Gibson Hates Jews

122 months ago 505,829 1,224,643

Alright, I realize the whole Mel Gibson hating Jews is old now but you I th...


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