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Biker Crashes Into Buddy Play Video

Biker Crashes Into Buddy

121 months ago 569,411 3,295,336

Watch how hard this guy hits his buddy while trying to do a wheelie on his ...

Skier Misses Seventy Foot Jump Play Video

Skier Misses Seventy Foot Jump

121 months ago 574,285 344,315

A skier attempts a seventy foot jump but overshoots the landing and breaks ...

Dissapointment Play Video


121 months ago 288,405 323,974

Well, I didnt need to see the end of this but it is a funny clip.

Curve of Death Play Video

Curve of Death

121 months ago 564,145 1,012,491

A group of bikers are racing close together when one of them loses control ...

Ben Thatcher Vs Pedro Mendes Play Video

Ben Thatcher Vs Pedro Mendes

121 months ago 492,698 5

Ben Thatcher of Manchester City FC in the English Premiership totally ignor...

Ghost Rider Gets Car Stolen Play Video

Ghost Rider Gets Car Stolen

121 months ago 744,833 11

Some dude is having his buddy taping him ghost riding his car in his neighb...

Back Flip Back Fire Play Video

Back Flip Back Fire

121 months ago 519,925 655,894

I dont know where this is but it appears to be some sort of Gymnastics even...

Wakeskate Wipe Out Play Video

Wakeskate Wipe Out

121 months ago 459,689 218,647

I hear wakeskating is the hardest of the wake water sports. What are the od...

The Emmit Smith Roast Play Video

The Emmit Smith Roast

121 months ago 489,963 1

This is a hilarious clip from a roast for Emmit Smith. Comedian Doug Willi...

Shot Whacks Kid In Face Play Video

Shot Whacks Kid In Face

121 months ago 727,420 1,559,987

Some dude takes a shot with his buddy defending. The shot hits the side of ...

Worlds Fastest Water Drinker Play Video

Worlds Fastest Water Drinker

121 months ago 784,738 2,610,141

Typically, when people drink water this fast they call it drowning. Pretty...

Floyd Lloyd Rocks Play Video

Floyd Lloyd Rocks

121 months ago 327,380 0

This dude spends months trying to get celebrities to say Floyd Lloyd rocks....

Kick Boxing SlowMo Knockout Play Video

Kick Boxing SlowMo Knockout

121 months ago 505,755 258,769

This guy gets knocked out hard during a kickboxing tournament in Ohio. That...

Snakes on a Plane Premiere Play Video

Snakes on a Plane Premiere

121 months ago 190,429 101,983

Samuel L. Jackson and his co-stars talk to clueless film critic and red car...

Casino Paging Prank Play Video

Casino Paging Prank

121 months ago 438,196 234,969

We've all heard someone page their friends over the loud speakers at a casi...

The Ghost Car Play Video

The Ghost Car

121 months ago 1,666,965 94

This is a pretty cool video. Cops are chasing down a car. During the enti...


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