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Eye For An Eye Revenge Play Video

Eye For An Eye Revenge

121 months ago 386,800 106,813

So aparently this guy lent his truck to his friend with the condition that ...

Talk About Some Bad Luck Play Video

Talk About Some Bad Luck

121 months ago 502,165 1

A cop pulls a guy over when he finds gas leaking from the back of his trunk...

News Reporter Gets Beat Up Play Video

News Reporter Gets Beat Up

121 months ago 1,043,599 3

An investigative news reporter gets attacked by a woman and her boyfriend d...

Pole Dance Face Plant Play Video

Pole Dance Face Plant

121 months ago 1,802,952 6

These guys hired two professional dancers for our event and this girl decid...

Gods Facebook Page Play Video

Gods Facebook Page

121 months ago 719,639 3

What if God had a Facebook page? Barats And Bereta tackle this age old ques...

Extreme Wheelchair Riding Play Video

Extreme Wheelchair Riding

121 months ago 685,042 8

Check out Aaron Fotheringham doing some SICK tricks in his wheelchair! The ...

Taste Testers Left Alone Play Video

Taste Testers Left Alone

121 months ago 239,529 786,844

This is a great prank done in the middle of a mall. People are asked to pa...

Warcraft Reduces Libido Play Video

Warcraft Reduces Libido

121 months ago 859,520 1

This is a funny clip of a chick that trys to figure out how to lower her bo...

Little Panda Sneezes Play Video

Little Panda Sneezes

121 months ago 986,837 2

This is a cute video of a baby panda bear sneezing and scaring the crap out...

Steve Irwin Tributes Play Video

Steve Irwin Tributes

Its been 2 days since the world was shocked with the death of Steve Irwin. ...

Airport Paging Prank Play Video

Airport Paging Prank

121 months ago 484,846 282,892

Well, I gurantee if you try this in a US airport youll be spending a few ni...

If The Internet Was Real Play Video

If The Internet Was Real

121 months ago 513,796 6

Great clip from the David Chappell show. He wonders what the world would b...

Two Girl Slap Off Play Video

Two Girl Slap Off

121 months ago 727,864 1

Two girls face off in a slap off. Some of these shots looked pretty painful...

Adventures Of Lil Bush Play Video

Adventures Of Lil Bush

121 months ago 2,398,339 6

Lil George Bush and his schoolmates are not happy when they find out hot do...

White House Raps Play Video

White House Raps

121 months ago 174,129 9

The White House has gone to some extreme measures to reach young people. He...

Meet Zoey Play Video

Meet Zoey

Here's Zoey, she talks for a while about something but honestly I didn't he...

Skater Whacks Head on Street Play Video

Skater Whacks Head on Street

121 months ago 406,112 558,698

A skater messes up a trick and wipes out whiplashing his head hard against ...


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