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Little Dancing Dude Fight Scene Play Video

Little Dancing Dude Fight Scene

120 months ago 515,192 1,152,997

The little Indian dancing dude has a fight scene later in that epid movie. ...

Waiter Takes A Dive Play Video

Waiter Takes A Dive

As guests are arriving for dinner this waiter takes a dive down the stairs ...

Singer Chokes On Mic Play Video

Singer Chokes On Mic

120 months ago 508,979 1,132,022

A wedding singer belts out a tune on the dance floor when out of nowhere a ...

Professor Slaps Student Play Video

Professor Slaps Student

120 months ago 722,735 6

I think I would of rather had the teacher bust my cell phone. Check out th...

Big Dude Pushing Dead Car Play Video

Big Dude Pushing Dead Car

120 months ago 498,806 981,786

Some big guys car breaks down and while he pushes it to the nearest gas sta...

Life Is Short Play Video

Life Is Short

120 months ago 536,863 3

As this awesome commercial demonstrates, life is short so you really need t...

The Lions Cage Play Video

The Lions Cage

120 months ago 556,693 5,397,564

This dude is nuts. He jumps into a lions cage and then just tries to be co...

Swedish Babe On Bed Play Video

Swedish Babe On Bed

This Swedish blonde gets frisky in bed. And for anyone who thinks we got ri...

Scott Stapp Outtakes Play Video

Scott Stapp Outtakes

Scott Stapp shows up wasted to some TV show and makes a complete fool of hi...

Getting Free McDonalds Play Video

Getting Free McDonalds

120 months ago 658,291 333,215

My friend and I were broke and hungry and this is what we came up with. You...

Golf Cart Accident Play Video

Golf Cart Accident

120 months ago 761,411 6

It looks like these guys put a golf car on it's side to fix something with ...

Romanian Host Beats Up Guests Play Video

Romanian Host Beats Up Guests

120 months ago 824,127 26,862,090

The host of a Romanian talk show has two guests on that decide at the last ...

Funny British Bloopers Play Video

Funny British Bloopers

120 months ago 216,714 1

This is a great compilation of about half a dozen funny bloopers from Briti...

Ultra Accurate Archery Play Video

Ultra Accurate Archery

120 months ago 376,510 1

Even though this is an archery clip and I cant understand anything there sa...

With The Stars! Week Two Play Video

With The Stars! Week Two

120 months ago 89,204 3

After last week's awesome appearance by Fred Savage which celebs will make ...

So Smooth Play Video

So Smooth

120 months ago 407,929 517,710

Barats and Bereta compete for a girl by seeing who has the smoothest line. ...

Caseys Motto For Life Play Video

Caseys Motto For Life

120 months ago 302,507 319,443

Listen to what Casey's Motto is during the reading of his bio during H.S. H...

Too Cheap For A Wax Job Play Video

Too Cheap For A Wax Job

120 months ago 492,843 3,610,597

This guy has found a cheap way to remove pesky body hair so you dont have t...


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