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Breakdance Baby Kick Play Video

Breakdance Baby Kick 84 months ago

A breakdancer is in the middle of his routine when out of nowhere a little ...

Dog Humps Duck Play Video

Dog Humps Duck 84 months ago

A poor unsuspecting duck gets a little love from a dog. Hey sometimes you j...

No Talent Clown Play Video

No Talent Clown 84 months ago

Michael Bolton proves time and time again that he truly is a no talent clow...

Kite Surfing Stunt Goes Bad Play Video

Kite Surfing Stunt Goes Bad 84 months ago

A dude is kite surfing in the ocean when suddenly he gets a little too much...

Switch Play Video

Switch 84 months ago

I thought this was a pretty funny parody on all those friggin telemarketing...