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Roid Head Loves Himself Play Video

Roid Head Loves Himself

110 months ago 1,019,489

This juiced up roid head loves his body so much. Have you ever seen this mu...

Baby Scared of Fart Play Video

Baby Scared of Fart

110 months ago 782,673

Babies have to learn about new things every day. Some of those discoveries ...

Painful Parkour Accident Play Video

Painful Parkour Accident

110 months ago 651,790

This is why Parkour should only be done by trained professionals, not a cou...

Wrestler Snaps Arm In Half Play Video

Wrestler Snaps Arm In Half

110 months ago 204,256

A wreslter has his arm locked up and snapped during a recent high school ma...

Forklift Slams Into New Car Play Video

Forklift Slams Into New Car

110 months ago 436,016

A forklift slams into the side of a brand new car as it pulls out of a gara...

Worst Spiderman Ever Play Video

Worst Spiderman Ever

110 months ago 714,507

All these kids were so excited when they heard Spiderman was coming to thei...

Taser Sneak Attack Play Video

Taser Sneak Attack

110 months ago 513,417

Having seen the video on our homepage describing how to make a homemade tas...

Karate Dude Busts Hand Play Video

Karate Dude Busts Hand

110 months ago 605,522

I thought this was hilarious. This guy is attempting to break a record amo...

Break Gallery CLXXIII Play Video

Break Gallery CLXXIII

Break Gallery 173!!! Get ready to get your eyeballs blown by the coolest an...

The Perfect Kick Play Video

The Perfect Kick

110 months ago 541,812

While some little kid innocently plays on the swings this guy sets up the p...

Old Lady Craps In Store Play Video

Old Lady Craps In Store

110 months ago 564,780

We have a clean up on aisle 7, some old lady decided to take a crap in her ...


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