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Breaking Bottle Over Head Play Video

Breaking Bottle Over Head

116 months ago 738,497 2,807,400

I love it when this happens, some guy gets all his friends to watch as he b...

Bruce Lee Speed Painting Play Video

Bruce Lee Speed Painting

116 months ago 966,374 6,834,183

This is pretty sweet, this guy creates a wall sized mural of Bruce Lee usin...

Grand Canyon Skywalk Play Video

Grand Canyon Skywalk

116 months ago 1,012,785 1

Perhaps some of you have heard of the Grand Canyons new Skywalk which is a ...

Whales Ruin Fishing Trip Play Video

Whales Ruin Fishing Trip

116 months ago 868,045 5

It's pretty doubtful that they have the necessary equipment at the local ...

The Ultimate Beirut Table Play Video

The Ultimate Beirut Table

116 months ago 624,222 954,347

This is by far the coolest, most elaborate Beirut table ever created. This ...

Cute Hamster Enjoys Broccoli Play Video

Cute Hamster Enjoys Broccoli

116 months ago 897,135 6,194,064

This cute hamster Mocha seems to really enjoy his first taste of broccoli. ...

Cool Freestyle Play Video

Cool Freestyle

116 months ago 516,767 1

This is a pretty cool video of a bunch of freestyle tricks where the guys i...

Building Collapses Onto Crane Play Video

Building Collapses Onto Crane

116 months ago 553,439 1,130,793

A dude is contracted to take down a building. He knocks out one of the cor...

Evolution Of A Beard Play Video

Evolution Of A Beard

116 months ago 820,517 3

This guy took a picture of himself every waking hour for seven weeks to dem...

What Is LARPing? Play Video

What Is LARPing?

116 months ago 782,301 4

How many virgins can you count in this clip? LARPing apparently stands for ...

Ford Recalls Trucks Play Video

Ford Recalls Trucks

116 months ago 1,138,587 4

Ford announced a recall today of 37,400 trucks. The reason was flames shot...


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