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Pole Dancing 101 Play Video

Pole Dancing 101

117 months ago 1,792,650 5

Here's a video you can send to your girlfriend. Tell her valentines day is ...

Drug Dealer Tries To Get Away Play Video

Drug Dealer Tries To Get Away

117 months ago 778,427 114,876

This is amateur footage of a drug deal that has gone bad taken from the roo...

Freezing Cold Water Play Video

Freezing Cold Water

117 months ago 1,128,797 2

Alright, I wonder if this has anything to do with that Corona trick. This ...

Audi Drifting On Roundabout Play Video

Audi Drifting On Roundabout

117 months ago 842,512 4

A crazy Norwegian driver drifts through a roundabout several times in a row...

Table Jump Face Plant Play Video

Table Jump Face Plant

117 months ago 679,795 3

First he jumps over a folding chair and lands it easily. Next challenge, a ...

Amazing Cliff Jump Onto Boxes Play Video

Amazing Cliff Jump Onto Boxes

117 months ago 882,649 4

This is an absolutely amazing stunt, a guy does a flip off a huge cliff and...

Gymnast Bad Landing Play Video

Gymnast Bad Landing

117 months ago 953,052 11

A young gymnast screws up her jump and lands directly on her neck. Watch as...

Flirting In An Elevator Play Video

Flirting In An Elevator

117 months ago 1,330,040 844,618

Alright, I thought this video was pretty funny but probably because the exa...

Woman Really Scared Of Mice Play Video

Woman Really Scared Of Mice

118 months ago 534,043 14

This woman on some radio show has to put her hands in a box of mice, quite ...

No More Nutes Play Video

No More Nutes

118 months ago 496,369 8

This guy needs to stick to the bunny slopes.

Woman Flips Car On Gate Play Video

Woman Flips Car On Gate

118 months ago 3,831,556 83

This is unbelievable, a woman who seems to be struggling to change gears so...

Baby Balancing Act Play Video

Baby Balancing Act

118 months ago 877,612 43

A guy has taught his six month old baby how to balance on one foot. To make...

Windy Soccer Game Play Video

Windy Soccer Game

118 months ago 1,216,139 2

During a soccer game in South America sudden gusts of winds blew signs off ...

Windows Startup Music Prank Play Video

Windows Startup Music Prank

118 months ago 2,249,997 33

These guys change the startup music on their friends computer to something ...

Baby Shoots His First Gun Play Video

Baby Shoots His First Gun

118 months ago 1,074,063 5

A very young baby fires his first gun. is kindergarten really that rough no...


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