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Major Drug Bust Play Video

Major Drug Bust

120 months ago 1,072,993 1

A major drug bust in Minnesota turns up some interesting evidence and Maple...

Drop A Quarter In The Funnel Play Video

Drop A Quarter In The Funnel

120 months ago 1,152,418 2,180,850

Here's a great new prank that's easy to pull off and pretty funny. These gu...

Cameraman Takes Down Skater Play Video

Cameraman Takes Down Skater

120 months ago 471,755 1

Some dude goes to a steep hill to film skaters cruising by at high speeds. ...

Rubens Tube Experiment Play Video

Rubens Tube Experiment

120 months ago 1,060,515 39

Some dude takes a PVC pipe and pokes 100s of holes in the top. He then pou...

Stage Fright Play Video

Stage Fright

120 months ago 676,630 77,334

Keep an eye in the girl in the center of the front row. This is her first ...

Toughest Job In North Korea Play Video

Toughest Job In North Korea

120 months ago 928,189 3

This poor guy unknowingly has one of the toughest jobs in North Korea. When...

Slow Motion Bullets Play Video

Slow Motion Bullets

120 months ago 1,434,696 2,580,238

This a pretty sweet video of bullets hitting various objects in super slow ...

One Picture Every Day Spoof Play Video

One Picture Every Day Spoof

120 months ago 919,467 4

This guy has created a hilarious spoof of those videos where people take a ...

Tony Blair Sings The Clash Play Video

Tony Blair Sings The Clash

120 months ago 361,776 1

Much like the President Bush Sunday Bloody Sunday Mash up, someone has bril...

Crazy Fitness Chick Play Video

Crazy Fitness Chick

120 months ago 1,019,378 157

This video starts of weird and only gets more weird. At first I thought it...

Motorcycle Stunt Gone Wrong Play Video

Motorcycle Stunt Gone Wrong

120 months ago 697,575 534,711

Watch the back tire of this guys bike clip a wall just after take off. The...

Best Girlfriend Ever Play Video

Best Girlfriend Ever

120 months ago 2,900,404 7

Why can’t all girls be like this? I don’t understand why the guy is so unco...

Huge Underwater Explosion Play Video

Huge Underwater Explosion

120 months ago 1,115,433 2

I dont know much about the background of this clip except that its obviousl...

Painful Bike Ramp Crash Play Video

Painful Bike Ramp Crash

120 months ago 926,533 880,347

This guy eats it hard on a bike ramp. That looks pretty painful but Im glad...

Florida Football Brawl Play Video

Florida Football Brawl

120 months ago 799,081 367,475

A huge brawl broke out yesterday at the Miami Vs Florida International game...

Disneys Frisky Mascots Play Video

Disneys Frisky Mascots

120 months ago 796,628 3

This video has recently got a bunch of mascots from Disney France in a lot ...


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