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A Near Perfect Faceplant Play Video

A Near Perfect Faceplant

111 months ago 303,668

Some kid tries to jump off the edge of a driveway on a bike but ends up fal...

Good Advice Play Video

Good Advice

111 months ago 1,073,541

Take it from Mom; Always use protection.

Massive Russian Brawl Play Video

Massive Russian Brawl

111 months ago 522,881

When theres nothing else going on Russians like to organize massive brawls ...

Great White Shark Breach Play Video

Great White Shark Breach

111 months ago 425,661

One of my favorite things to witness in the animal kingdom is when a great ...

Accidental Kick To The Face Play Video

Accidental Kick To The Face

111 months ago 352,694

Rough housing goes from fun to painful with this accidental fly kick to the...

Soulja Girl Falls Off Stage Play Video

Soulja Girl Falls Off Stage

111 months ago 390,697

Soulja girl practicing her moves doesnt realize that the edge of the stage ...

Fishing Line Prank Play Video

Fishing Line Prank

111 months ago 537,239

Heres one way to guaruntee that you wont be getting any for a month. Not on...


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