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Bike Crash Helmet Cam Play Video

Bike Crash Helmet Cam

122 months ago 355,366 3,160,228

Pretty sweet footage of a huge bike crash from the helmet cam. Do we ever u...

Slugger Gets Slugged Play Video

Slugger Gets Slugged

122 months ago 550,372 558,179

Check out this crazy video of a bully beating up a group of kids for appare...

Siesta Time Face Plant Play Video

Siesta Time Face Plant

122 months ago 389,180 994,551

Uh oh here comes Senior Sandman. I'm only going to rest my eye lids. I'm no...

Connie Chung Sings Farewell Play Video

Connie Chung Sings Farewell

122 months ago 174,594 4

This is hilarious. Its Connie Chung singing goodbye to MSNBC after her sho...

Kid Flys Out of Back of Truck Play Video

Kid Flys Out of Back of Truck

122 months ago 559,390 3,223,076

A couple of friends go cruisin around in atruck. They try to jump a small ...

The Wedding Crasher Play Video

The Wedding Crasher

122 months ago 251,254 1

How about this for a wedding crasher. Some groom carries his bride down a ...

Criss Angel Slices Body Play Video

Criss Angel Slices Body

122 months ago 463,232 2,757,198

This is amazing. I have no clue how he pulled this trick off. Any ideas p...

Masters Of the Air Play Video

Masters Of the Air

123 months ago 312,172 9

Langley Air Force Base masters of the air. Pretty awesome air show footage,...

Wheel Chair Knock Out Play Video

Wheel Chair Knock Out

123 months ago 266,346 487,779

Murder Ball take out. Damn, this sport is pretty brutal!

The Real Human Can Opener Play Video

The Real Human Can Opener

123 months ago 126,230 240,198

Man this guy puts the last human can opener we posted to shame. Seriously d...

Bus Does A Wheelie Play Video

Bus Does A Wheelie

123 months ago 213,616 11

I dont think my schoolbus could do this. Remember how the farther back on t...

Biker Forgets To Stop Play Video

Biker Forgets To Stop

123 months ago 653,069 3

Three bikers are out crusin the streets. After riding over a small hill tw...

Nike Commercial Spoof Play Video

Nike Commercial Spoof

123 months ago 136,763 719,247

Up until half way through this video I thought it was an actual Nike Commer...

Third Times A Charm Play Video

Third Times A Charm

123 months ago 239,504 204,394

Why step over a fence when you can swing your self in the air and do a back...

Tupac Alive? Play Video

Tupac Alive?

123 months ago 380,464 1,837,280

Today would have been Tupac's 35th birthday so I thought it was a good time...

RC Plane Hits Electrical Line Play Video

RC Plane Hits Electrical Line

123 months ago 436,142 1,371,112

I actually attempted to build an RC plane once. They cost hundreds of doll...

Sarah Silverman on Motivation Play Video

Sarah Silverman on Motivation

123 months ago 225,304 465,238

This is a short clip of a standup routine of Sarah Silverman (girlfriend of...


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