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Top Gun Motors Play Video

Top Gun Motors

113 months ago 501,655

This is what Im wishing for every time a commercial with a loud crazy car s...

Microwave Eggsplosion Play Video

Microwave Eggsplosion

113 months ago 458,734

Next time you think about microwaving an egg, duck and cover because you mi...

Kid Slams Into Wall Play Video

Kid Slams Into Wall

113 months ago 460,299

This guy tells his buddy that he can do anything he wants if he puts his mi...

UFOs Spotted In Haiti Play Video

UFOs Spotted In Haiti

113 months ago 672,576

Here is the amateur footage shot in Haiti of what appears to be two saucer ...

Worst Botfly Bite Ever Play Video

Worst Botfly Bite Ever

113 months ago 760,142

Worst..botfly video...ever. Weve posted a lot of nasty spider and botfly bi...

The Ultimate iBill Play Video

The Ultimate iBill

113 months ago 635,396

This incredibly hot chick gets her first bill for the iPhone and although t...

German Driver Misses Exit Play Video

German Driver Misses Exit

113 months ago 685,600

A German driver completly misses his exit on the highway but instead of sim...

Little Guy Wins Fight Play Video

Little Guy Wins Fight

113 months ago 2,726,291

This poor little guy kept getting picked on until he finally had enough and...

Paint Bucket Head Dunk Play Video

Paint Bucket Head Dunk

113 months ago 315,871

This guy is dared to dunk his head all the way into a bucket of white paint...

Antiquing Sleeping Dad Play Video

Antiquing Sleeping Dad

113 months ago 265,229

Dad is really tired after a long day at work so he passes out on the couch ...


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