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Cat Refuses To Exercise Play Video

Cat Refuses To Exercise

115 months ago 992,647 38

This cat is so lazy he would rather let his face drag on a running treadmil...

The Japanese Are Very Talented Play Video

The Japanese Are Very Talented

115 months ago 968,933 3,771,699

Heres a really cool video that shows just how much more talented the Japane...

Spidey Cops A Feel Play Video

Spidey Cops A Feel

115 months ago 616,656 2,880,138

I know this is pretty simple and silly but it really made me crack up. Some...

Kid Wipes Out Hard On Rail Play Video

Kid Wipes Out Hard On Rail

115 months ago 412,684 277,266

I really dont think this dude could of landed any worse. He attempts to sk...

You Got Da Wrong Numbah Play Video

You Got Da Wrong Numbah

115 months ago 918,473 211

This kid keeps calling some guy asking to be transfered to the sandwich dep...

Time To Find A New Sport Play Video

Time To Find A New Sport

115 months ago 628,876 328,060

This guy gets his buddies to film him doing a couple tricks down a hill on ...

Kid Faceplants Off Roof Play Video

Kid Faceplants Off Roof

115 months ago 766,265 913,692

Not sure what the heck this dude was thinking but he attempts to swing off ...

Branch Cutting Accident Play Video

Branch Cutting Accident

115 months ago 1,268,510 13

These guys who call themselves The Swedicks came up with the brilliant idea...

Possible Father Of Steveo Play Video

Possible Father Of Steveo

115 months ago 734,947 19

I never would of posted this clip until one of our users commented that may...

Kid Faceplants Off Loading Dock Play Video

Kid Faceplants Off Loading Dock

115 months ago 690,259 2,945,256

This kid hits hard after trying to jump his bike off a loading dock. His f...

Hundred Tons Of Explosives Play Video

Hundred Tons Of Explosives

115 months ago 894,652 8

This has got to be one of the coolest explosions I have ever seen. They mu...

Arnold Gets Angry Play Video

Arnold Gets Angry

115 months ago 1,905,432 4

You could tell Arnold was destined for stardom after this appearance in a 1...

Real Life Mario Kart Play Video

Real Life Mario Kart

115 months ago 969,687 3

A couple guys recreate Mario Kart in real life, they actually put a lot of ...


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