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Rubber Band Gatling Gun Play Video

Rubber Band Gatling Gun

122 months ago 560,226 1

A couple of guys got bored at work and made a rubber band gatling gun. Che...

Another Huge Racing Wipeout Play Video

Another Huge Racing Wipeout

122 months ago 398,374 455,499

Check out this crash from the Winston 500. The drivers front end gets just...

Battle Over A Burger Play Video

Battle Over A Burger

122 months ago 395,521 3

A couple kids get in a fight over a burger in a parking lot. One of the ki...

Two Headed Cat Play Video

Two Headed Cat

122 months ago 429,733 10

Recently a cat was born with two faces. From what I understand each face is...

Pool Bubble Rings! Play Video

Pool Bubble Rings!

122 months ago 388,583 75,281

This is truly the lord of the rings' video. This guy can hold his breath f...

Kung Fu Knock Out Play Video

Kung Fu Knock Out

122 months ago 673,975 230,100

Kung Fu Knock OUT! Damn that looks like it hurt. Put him in a body bag John...

Hockey Ref Checked Into Boards Play Video

Hockey Ref Checked Into Boards

122 months ago 441,082 88,092

I'm guessing that this guy didn't agree with one of the refs calls. I dont ...

Dad Misses Open Shot Play Video

Dad Misses Open Shot

122 months ago 509,617 92,215

Well, this guy pulled a pretty sweet move on his kid but still couldnt seal...

Nick Thune Phone Tag Play Video

Nick Thune Phone Tag

122 months ago 134,147 16

And speaking of creepy stalkers here's a short film from our friend comedia...

The Perils Of Using JDate Play Video

The Perils Of Using JDate

122 months ago 327,690 2

Joanne meets Darren on, they go out to dinner and Darren insists ...

Animal Attacks Play Video

Animal Attacks

122 months ago 464,114 3

This is a pretty cool animals attack video. Five animals attack videos have...

Worlds Most Dangerous Comic Play Video

Worlds Most Dangerous Comic

122 months ago 749,882 6

This is a clip from Americas Got Talent. This guy claims to be the worlds ...

Plane Blows Beach Away Play Video

Plane Blows Beach Away

122 months ago 884,783 4

At Princess Juliana Airport in St. Maarten the runway is very close to the ...

Wineshop Disguise Scam Play Video

Wineshop Disguise Scam

122 months ago 298,952 78,439

This kid tries to buy some booze with his fake ID, when he gets rejected he...

Resupply Goes Wrong Play Video

Resupply Goes Wrong

122 months ago 655,263 1

These guys in Iraq have been waiting anxiously for their resupply. Finally ...

Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep Play Video

Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep

122 months ago 468,081 15

I dont know if you'll find this funny or really stupid. I thought it was pr...

Cool Optical Illusion Play Video

Cool Optical Illusion

122 months ago 2,420,167 17

OK at first I definitely thought this was going to be one of those stare in...


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