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Double Front Flip Goes Bad Play Video

Double Front Flip Goes Bad

109 months ago 352,677

Some dude tries a double front flip dunk off a trampoline but hits the jump...

Gmail Live Play Video

Gmail Live

109 months ago 214,055

This is pretty impressive. These guys use a huge canvas to create a life s...

Garage Door Vs Skater Play Video

Garage Door Vs Skater

109 months ago 264,967

This skater tries to catch his balance by grabbing the garage door. It does...

Brother Caught Jerkin Off Play Video

Brother Caught Jerkin Off

109 months ago 1,237,758

We totally caught my brother jerkin it in this video. He was sitting there...

He's Screwing Ben Affleck Play Video

He's Screwing Ben Affleck

109 months ago 382,651

This is a hilarious video from Jimmy Kimmel to his girlfriend Sarah Silverm...

Head On Collision Play Video

Head On Collision

109 months ago 305,222

A biker tries to make a pass on a country highway and ends up hitting an on...

Worlds Fastest Fire Fighter Play Video

Worlds Fastest Fire Fighter

109 months ago 355,815

This guy and his team won the title of the fastest fire fighters in the wor...

Treadmill Handstand Attempt Play Video

Treadmill Handstand Attempt

109 months ago 1,345,374

This dude attempts to do a handstand on a moving treadmill. It does not go ...

Ladies, he's single! Play Video

Ladies, he's single!

Unbelievably this guy is single. After this video I'm sure that wont last l...

Exercise Ball Mayhem Play Video

Exercise Ball Mayhem

109 months ago 340,164

These guys grab two of those big exercise balls and crash into each other r...

Swing Set Jump Ownage Play Video

Swing Set Jump Ownage

109 months ago 317,929

Some kid attempts a backflip off a swing set and ends up completely owning ...

Windmill Self Destruction Play Video

Windmill Self Destruction

109 months ago 520,920

A windmill in Hornslet near Aarhus goes too fast and self destructs. Thanks...

Girl Talks Tough on Webcam Play Video

Girl Talks Tough on Webcam

109 months ago 829,332

Between the Myspace psycho kid and this confused little girl we are so scre...


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