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Crazy Kid Taunts Cops Play Video

Crazy Kid Taunts Cops

114 months ago 693,562 304,398

Well, this is definetly a good way to make sure you spend the rest of the w...

Firecracker Wake Up Prank Play Video

Firecracker Wake Up Prank

114 months ago 835,344 24

This guy catches his buddy passed out in a hammock. He grabs a huge brick ...

Go Away Paris Hilton Play Video

Go Away Paris Hilton

114 months ago 814,341 1

Pretty funny song this dude wrote begging for Paris Hilton to please go awa...

Faceplant Off Picnic Table Play Video

Faceplant Off Picnic Table

114 months ago 367,863 1,639,370

No matter how bad my day is there is something about watching a faceplant t...

Sweet Reverse Movie Play Video

Sweet Reverse Movie

114 months ago 480,135 2

This guy has made a really cool movie in reverse. I like how he gets his do...

Tricycle Crash In Ditch Play Video

Tricycle Crash In Ditch

114 months ago 458,809 1

Speeding as fast as you can on a down hill slope which has a huge ditch at ...

Guitar Slam Over Head Play Video

Guitar Slam Over Head

114 months ago 436,916 534,331

This is one of those videos where the title alone is sufficient enough in p...

RC Car Beats Mini Cooper Play Video

RC Car Beats Mini Cooper

114 months ago 938,453 1

A really small rc car beats a supercharged mini cooper on a short track eve...

Skater Wipes Out On Huge Rail Play Video

Skater Wipes Out On Huge Rail

114 months ago 481,198 2,393,268

This guy misses the rail by so much it almost appears fake. The only thing...

Cooler Scare Prank Play Video

Cooler Scare Prank

114 months ago 696,904 118,499

This guy hides in a cooler and waits for his brother to come home and scare...

Building In India Falls Over Play Video

Building In India Falls Over

114 months ago 979,453 6

This guy notices that a building in Surat, India appears to start leaning. ...

Out For An Evening Stroll Play Video

Out For An Evening Stroll

114 months ago 730,890 1,418,864

There are a million friggin places to walk in the world. These fools chose...

The Wall of Death Play Video

The Wall of Death

114 months ago 1,070,547 9

This is a video from a recent heavy metal concert. Two walls of people for...

How A Computer Hard Drive Works Play Video

How A Computer Hard Drive Works

114 months ago 814,070 1,582,330

Pretty cool video explaining how a computer hard drive works. If only they ...

Public Bathrooms In Kazakhstan Play Video

Public Bathrooms In Kazakhstan

114 months ago 577,287 724,359

For make a toilet the Kazakhstani ministry of health has begun to install ...


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