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Harley Racing Crash Play Video

Harley Racing Crash

118 months ago 578,123 2

Big time crash at a Harley Davidson race. The first dude bites it hard but...

DMV Drivers License Prank Play Video

DMV Drivers License Prank

118 months ago 894,895 1

These guys dress up in a couple ridiculous outfits and go get their drivers...

Here I Come To Save The Day Play Video

Here I Come To Save The Day

118 months ago 473,334 3

A firefighter climbs the side of a building to assist a victim in escaping ...

Tank Nearly Crushes Semi Play Video

Tank Nearly Crushes Semi

118 months ago 798,150 1

Watch how close this tank gets to completely tanking out this semi truck. ...

Arab Treadmill Prank Play Video

Arab Treadmill Prank

118 months ago 1,025,424 24

The best Arab video prank. This guy shows his buddy how to operate his new ...

Crane Falls Into Ocean Play Video

Crane Falls Into Ocean

118 months ago 717,667 901,118

While a crews foreman was at break a couple workers caused one of their two...

Car Crashes Into Spectators Play Video

Car Crashes Into Spectators

118 months ago 937,156 4,262,764

As this car turns a hard corner it hits bails of hay causing the driver to ...

Very Talented Parrot Play Video

Very Talented Parrot

118 months ago 703,478 12

This is one very talented parrot, he can do flips, play golf and even dunk....

Baby With Infectious Laugh Play Video

Baby With Infectious Laugh

118 months ago 716,591 2

This baby has the most infectious laugh ever captured on video. This gerbe...

Pool Ball Sling Shot Play Video

Pool Ball Sling Shot

118 months ago 735,807 742,684

In the last three years this is easily the dumbest friggin idea I have ever...

Break Gallery CXV Play Video

Break Gallery CXV

Break Gallery 115!!! Saddle up everybody and hold on. There's a plenty of w...

Jerome Murat Two Headed Man Play Video

Jerome Murat Two Headed Man

118 months ago 760,116 3,397,166

Jerome Murat is a talented French street performer who makes you believe he...

Smoker Owned By Co-worker Play Video

Smoker Owned By Co-worker

118 months ago 1,355,012 6,871,434

I'm guessing this office has an anti-smoking policy.

Joe Rogan Vs Female Heckler Play Video

Joe Rogan Vs Female Heckler

118 months ago 1,261,991 3

Joe Rogan absolutely punishes a female heckler who yaps at him during his s...


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