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The Perfect Kick Play Video

The Perfect Kick

109 months ago 541,804

While some little kid innocently plays on the swings this guy sets up the p...

Old Lady Craps In Store Play Video

Old Lady Craps In Store

109 months ago 564,768

We have a clean up on aisle 7, some old lady decided to take a crap in her ...

iPhone Guitar Hero- Play Video

iPhone Guitar Hero-

109 months ago 464,214

This is friggin awesome. This dude made software that turns his iPhone int...

The MacBook Pair: Get a Pair Play Video

The MacBook Pair: Get a Pair

109 months ago 139,817

On the heels of the highly touted MacBook Air, Apple Computers proudly intr...

Bill Has A Dream Play Video

Bill Has A Dream

109 months ago 163,341

Bill Clinton attended an event to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King ...

Chickipedia Vs Wikipedia Play Video

Chickipedia Vs Wikipedia

109 months ago 355,876

Tonight Break is launching a new site called, the worlds fi...

Street Fight In Fallujah Play Video

Street Fight In Fallujah

109 months ago 804,507

This is raw footage of US led forces engaged in a massive fire fight in dow...

ATV Flip Does Not Go Well Play Video

ATV Flip Does Not Go Well

109 months ago 332,203

Some guy attempts to see how much air he can get on his ATV while his frien...

Igniting A Christmas Tree Play Video

Igniting A Christmas Tree

109 months ago 152,809

I actually tried this 4 years ago. I figured I could save the 20 bucks the...

Never Give Up Play Video

Never Give Up

109 months ago 272,784

This is the latest trailer for the new Rambo movie coming out. Not only is...


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