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Homemade Bomb In Steel Can Play Video

Homemade Bomb In Steel Can

113 months ago 280,087 429,155

These guys build a homemade bomb and seal it in a large steel can. About 5...

Japanese Vertical Soccer Play Video

Japanese Vertical Soccer

113 months ago 386,726 1

A new Adidas billboard in Japan features two live humans suspended in mid a...

Special Ops Extraction Play Video

Special Ops Extraction

114 months ago 591,583 1

This is by far the coolest way to get onto a helicopter. I only wish the vi...

Guy Shoots His Own Hand Play Video

Guy Shoots His Own Hand

114 months ago 549,707 2,202,368

Pretty sure this is done with some CGI or something but damn it really look...

Security Guard Smack Down Play Video

Security Guard Smack Down

114 months ago 595,483 724,468

I never found out exactly what this dude did to piss of the security guard ...

Safari Guide Owned By Cheetah Play Video

Safari Guide Owned By Cheetah

114 months ago 412,076 4

A cheetah jumps onto this guys jeep and after walking around for a couple s...

Rosie Leaves The View Play Video

Rosie Leaves The View

114 months ago 189,495 19,154

Let me be the first to say this. I think this video is a fake. There is n...


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