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Two Old Men Fighting Play Video

Two Old Men Fighting

120 months ago 1,613,000 19

Old guys fights are always pretty hilarious. Easily in their 70s, these old...

Date From Hell Play Video

Date From Hell

120 months ago 842,614 1

Finally an episode of Blind Date where the girl looks like a jerk. This wom...

Nasty Stage Fall Play Video

Nasty Stage Fall

120 months ago 457,385 611,858

Watch this tv guest take a nasty fall off the stage after being introduced....

Weather Man Swears Play Video

Weather Man Swears

120 months ago 551,874 7,315,992

I guess this guy thought he wasnt on the air anymore. Woops tomorrows forec...

I Want Those Boots Play Video

I Want Those Boots

120 months ago 616,515 1,391,008

If you have never played World of Warcraf then skip this clip. If you have...

Every Thirty Seconds Play Video

Every Thirty Seconds

120 months ago 441,454 977,440

According to the National Association of Transportation and driving statist...

Artie Lange Bayonne Watch Play Video

Artie Lange Bayonne Watch

120 months ago 182,239 6

Long before he was on the Howard Stern Show Artie Lange was making home mov...

The Ultimate Laptop Play Video

The Ultimate Laptop

120 months ago 233,732 414,109

Well, it might be a little less compact than most laptops but the extra fea...

Ali G Interviews Female Expert Play Video

Ali G Interviews Female Expert

120 months ago 425,655 227,670

Ali G interviews a expert on women. I dont know what it is about this dude...

Owned on Fence Play Video

Owned on Fence

120 months ago 545,012 74,963

This kid tries to jump over a fence but slips landing mouth first into the ...

Raver Faceplant Play Video

Raver Faceplant

120 months ago 681,484 2,035,898

One thing you have to remember when you're on drugs is that no matter how g...

Ball Boy Scores A Goal Play Video

Ball Boy Scores A Goal

120 months ago 812,489 2

Watch this ball boy score a goal for his team by tossing an out of play bal...

Snow Sledding Accident Play Video

Snow Sledding Accident

120 months ago 584,385 1,558,695

Watch this dude wipe out big time when he lands on his head after taking a ...

Motorcycle Stunt Accident Play Video

Motorcycle Stunt Accident

120 months ago 548,694 240,394

If a motorcyclist crashes his bike and there isn't a crowd watching and a c...


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