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Skater Drops Off Huge Rail Play Video

Skater Drops Off Huge Rail

123 months ago 98,912 14

This skater drops off an enormous staircase while trying to grind a rail. H...

Foxfields Piss Trough Dive Play Video

Foxfields Piss Trough Dive

123 months ago 65,428 345,734

If you went to college on the east coast theres a good chance that you went...

Tribute To An EX Play Video

Tribute To An EX

123 months ago 53,358 569,979

A couple guys have created a nice little jingle to Bon Jovi''s Wanted in tr...

Jo Koy Takes on RIC Play Video

Jo Koy Takes on RIC

123 months ago 51,522 1

Exclusive footage of Joy Koy in Rhode Island from our college comedy tour. ...

Shark Attacks Seal Play Video

Shark Attacks Seal

123 months ago 459,034 22

This is amazing. Check out how hard this shark hits a seal near the surfac...

Lucky Dude Rides Sand Dune Play Video

Lucky Dude Rides Sand Dune

123 months ago 113,430 4

This guy tries to run is SUV up a sanddune and just when he gets to the top...

Russian Bomb Depot Destroyed Play Video

Russian Bomb Depot Destroyed

123 months ago 150,927 328,262

An old Russian bomb depot became an inventory of weapons for enemy forces. ...

Hard Candy Play Video

Hard Candy

123 months ago 59,042 5

Given all the stuff going on with in the news with Myspace, Hard Candy defi...

Kirk Cameron And Bananas Play Video

Kirk Cameron And Bananas

123 months ago 84,752 11

Everyone remember Mike Seaver from the 80s show Growing Pains? Well in case...

Angry Gamer Spits And Swears Play Video

Angry Gamer Spits And Swears

123 months ago 173,630 3

This guy loses his cool when playing a video game. We''re starting to learn...

Two Kids Dress Up As A Lama Play Video

Two Kids Dress Up As A Lama

123 months ago 114,198 2

Two kids think it would be funny to dress up like a Lama and walk around ot...

Some George Bush Highlights Play Video

Some George Bush Highlights

123 months ago 216,053 1

Let me first say I am in no way trying to be political. I actually like th...

Epic Downhill Bike Crash Play Video

Epic Downhill Bike Crash

123 months ago 258,149 1

This guy crashes hard on a steep downhill. I''m not an expert in mountain b...

Wrestle Slam Goes Bad Play Video

Wrestle Slam Goes Bad

123 months ago 161,814 277,869

This wrestler is attempting to do a flip off the ropes onto his opponent wh...

Office Building Tetris Game Play Video

Office Building Tetris Game

123 months ago 73,728 3

These people have rigged up the side of an office building to play the worl...

Walrus Hits The Gym Play Video

Walrus Hits The Gym

123 months ago 117,283 16

I thought this was good. Often referred as one of the fatest creatures on ...

Robbery Caught on Tape Play Video

Robbery Caught on Tape

123 months ago 153,419 145,027

This was a robbery caught on tape. The security guard behind the register ...

The Spirit of Truth Play Video

The Spirit of Truth

123 months ago 165,426 1

I know this might look dumb but trust me this is one of the funniest videos...

Not So Fast Play Video

Not So Fast

123 months ago 74,931 3

Simple yet effective physics experiment: In a tug of war between your leg a...


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