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Japanese News Accident Play Video

Japanese News Accident

113 months ago 614,333 1,304,982

On Japanese Fuji TV a girl volunteers to try out a new emergency building e...

Kids Ignite A Matchstick Bomb Play Video

Kids Ignite A Matchstick Bomb

113 months ago 891,161 1,951,996

These guys take 30,000 matchstick tops and drop them in a bucket. When the...

Skydiver Lands On Golf Cart Play Video

Skydiver Lands On Golf Cart

113 months ago 198,408 8

This guy jumps out of a plane and attempts to land at a golf course. He pi...

Cop Gets Dragged Down Highway Play Video

Cop Gets Dragged Down Highway

113 months ago 465,980 440,148

A cop gets orders to pull over this driver. The driver is instructed to ex...

Little Kid Concrete Faceplant Play Video

Little Kid Concrete Faceplant

113 months ago 384,265 1

This little kid thought he could jump off the railing and grab the swing fr...

The Human Sling Shot Part 2 Play Video

The Human Sling Shot Part 2

113 months ago 383,017 597,368

The same people who made the original Human Sling Shot video which we poste...

Break Gallery CXLII Play Video

Break Gallery CXLII

Break Gallery #142! Buckle up everybody because we have another big ass sup...

Diet Coke Bomb Prank Play Video

Diet Coke Bomb Prank

113 months ago 503,178 1

This is a quick tutorial on how to create a Mentos/Diet Coke bomb to prank ...

Baby Trying To Stay Awake Play Video

Baby Trying To Stay Awake

113 months ago 633,032 3

Watching this baby struggling to stay awake is pretty funny. You think hes ...

Taliban Idol Fart Musician Play Video

Taliban Idol Fart Musician

113 months ago 222,524 1

This guy is the Talibans answer to American Idols Blake Lewis. He is actual...

Slam Dunk Backboard Smash Play Video

Slam Dunk Backboard Smash

113 months ago 380,839 2

This kid absolutely destroys a backboard after dunking off a trampoline. Yo...

Drunk Backflip Faceplant Play Video

Drunk Backflip Faceplant

113 months ago 479,213 3

I dont know what makes this guy a bigger tool, his fanny pack or the the fa...

Rally Car Wipes Out Play Video

Rally Car Wipes Out

113 months ago 159,083 795,564

Its been awhile since we had a decent rally car accident sent in. The driv...

Dude Pranks A Vent Server Play Video

Dude Pranks A Vent Server

113 months ago 707,340 5

A guy hacks into a vent server and taunts a guild leader with a Duke Nukem ...


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