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Twisted Sister School Fight Play Video

Twisted Sister School Fight

120 months ago 1,287,013 9

A guy who looks a lot like Dee Snider of Twisted Sister takes on a guy who ...

Handicap Race Cheater Play Video

Handicap Race Cheater

120 months ago 556,667 4

Now this isnt right. Some dude competes in a handicap wheelchair race and ...

Pool Table Rube Goldberg Play Video

Pool Table Rube Goldberg

120 months ago 802,935 2

Check out this awesome pool table rube goldberg. It involves multiple table...

Jerk Knocks Grandmother Over Play Video

Jerk Knocks Grandmother Over

120 months ago 796,395 78

I debated whether or not to post this. A kid sends his brother to kick some...

Crazy Motorcycle Stunts Play Video

Crazy Motorcycle Stunts

120 months ago 532,946 201,241

This biker pulls off some really awesome stunts at a very fast speed. The w...

Amazing UK Free Runners Play Video

Amazing UK Free Runners

120 months ago 845,897 1

Two guys from the UK give us their best Free Running compilation. I can't g...

Tara Reid Gets D-listed Play Video

Tara Reid Gets D-listed

120 months ago 643,753 93,926

Tara Reid gets denied acccess to the club Hyde in LA. As she stands in lin...

Dude Rolls Jeep Doing Donuts Play Video

Dude Rolls Jeep Doing Donuts

120 months ago 616,405 957,576

Some dude is messing around on the street doing donuts. He takes a turn a ...

Failed Ladder Walking Play Video

Failed Ladder Walking

120 months ago 243,847 5

Kyle is dared to walk across the pool on a ladder. The catch is the water h...

Kid Falls From Hay Stack Play Video

Kid Falls From Hay Stack

120 months ago 606,954 2,213,703

This kid takes a pretty bad fall from a hay stack. I must say, thank god it...

Eye For An Eye Revenge Play Video

Eye For An Eye Revenge

120 months ago 386,789 106,813

So aparently this guy lent his truck to his friend with the condition that ...

Talk About Some Bad Luck Play Video

Talk About Some Bad Luck

120 months ago 502,161 1

A cop pulls a guy over when he finds gas leaking from the back of his trunk...

News Reporter Gets Beat Up Play Video

News Reporter Gets Beat Up

120 months ago 1,043,595 3

An investigative news reporter gets attacked by a woman and her boyfriend d...

Pole Dance Face Plant Play Video

Pole Dance Face Plant

120 months ago 1,802,941 6

These guys hired two professional dancers for our event and this girl decid...


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