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Forklift Flips Maserati Play Video

Forklift Flips Maserati

111 months ago 439,696

Former Miss New Zealand Rachel Huljich parked her Maserati in a constructio...

Things Go From Bad To Worse Play Video

Things Go From Bad To Worse

111 months ago 589,538

Some drunk guy is minding his own business puking in the toilet when all of...

Kill Jim Liebowitz Play Video

Kill Jim Liebowitz

Video game violence must be stopped! Get behind Republican Senator Jim Lieb...

Massive Road Side Bomb Play Video

Massive Road Side Bomb

111 months ago 575,669

This is by far the most massive explosion I have ever seen for a road side ...

Old Man Falls Up Escalator Play Video

Old Man Falls Up Escalator

111 months ago 1,123,705

A security camera catches an old man who cant figure out how to get on an e...

Achmed The Dead Terrorist Play Video

Achmed The Dead Terrorist

111 months ago 1,783,696

Achmed the Dead Terrorist is a highly rated stand-up comedy routine by vent...

Model Falls Through Runway Play Video

Model Falls Through Runway

111 months ago 1,010,732

This clip has everything, a samurai who attempts a back flip and fails then...

Cement Bag Prank Play Video

Cement Bag Prank

111 months ago 350,150

These guys have their buddy press a bag of quick dry concrete above his hea...

Incredible Beer Pong Skills Play Video

Incredible Beer Pong Skills

111 months ago 241,849

Either this guy is one of the worlds best beer pong shooters or is the worl...

Break Gallery CLIX Play Video

Break Gallery CLIX

Break Gallery #159!!! What an incredible week for pics. We have some of the...

Dumb And Dumber Play Video

Dumb And Dumber

111 months ago 514,372

These guys are friggin crazy. They agree to exchange punches but they not ...


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