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Dude Pranks A Vent Server Play Video

Dude Pranks A Vent Server

113 months ago 707,340 5

A guy hacks into a vent server and taunts a guild leader with a Duke Nukem ...

Coolest Basketball Shot Ever Play Video

Coolest Basketball Shot Ever

113 months ago 770,944 4,731,588

From the backseat of a moving open-air Jeep, nothing but net. Whoever is up...

Fire In The Hole Compilation Play Video

Fire In The Hole Compilation

113 months ago 718,294 2

Screwing with minimum wagers working at the drive-thru is a heartless and c...

First Date Honest Answers Play Video

First Date Honest Answers

113 months ago 644,804 7

This hilarious video demonstrates what men and women are really trying to s...

Free Box of Puppies Play Video

Free Box of Puppies

113 months ago 346,510 395,538

What happens when you take an ordinary cardboard box, fill it with a bunch ...

The Nickel Drip Challenge Play Video

The Nickel Drip Challenge

113 months ago 538,334 1,289,917

See if you can guess how many droplets of water can be dripped onto the top...

Jenga Game Ends In Paddling Play Video

Jenga Game Ends In Paddling

113 months ago 243,696 178,055

Twitchels played our own FoundryMusicDanny in an hour long Jenga game. Twit...

Homemade Bomb In Steel Can Play Video

Homemade Bomb In Steel Can

113 months ago 280,087 429,155

These guys build a homemade bomb and seal it in a large steel can. About 5...

Japanese Vertical Soccer Play Video

Japanese Vertical Soccer

113 months ago 386,702 1

A new Adidas billboard in Japan features two live humans suspended in mid a...


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