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Ultimate Revenge on Ex Play Video

Ultimate Revenge on Ex

115 months ago 3,495,918 7

Ever had a girl cheat on you .... here is the ultimate way to get her back!...

Very Painful Nut Shot Play Video

Very Painful Nut Shot

115 months ago 1,047,338 9

I think we may be having our first look at a future darwin award candidate....

Toy Love Story Play Video

Toy Love Story

115 months ago 283,892 1

This stop animation video of two toys falling in love had me cracking up. Y...

Brazilian Reporter Attacked Play Video

Brazilian Reporter Attacked

115 months ago 465,004 1

Some Brazilian reporter is sucker punched by a celebrity who obviously does...

Double Standard? Play Video

Double Standard?

115 months ago 786,388 3

In the wake of Don Imus getting suspended heres a video of a guy who went o...

Fire Ball Wake Up Play Video

Fire Ball Wake Up

115 months ago 551,474 1,323,480

With friends like these who needs enemies? These kids wake their sleeping f...

Gymnast Loses Pants Mid-Air Play Video

Gymnast Loses Pants Mid-Air

115 months ago 646,676 1,773,198

A gymnast loses his pants near the end of a routine and as he tries to grab...

Kid Wipes Out Off Slide Play Video

Kid Wipes Out Off Slide

115 months ago 611,375 1,309,347

Some kid is dared to try and ride his bike down a slide. After waiting nea...

Biker Falls On Top Of Poodle Play Video

Biker Falls On Top Of Poodle

115 months ago 518,646 6,163,710

A biker stops to give a woman directions while transporting some boxes. He...

Hard Slap Knocks Kid Out Cold Play Video

Hard Slap Knocks Kid Out Cold

115 months ago 3,287,185 139

These kids are having an argument when suddenly the guy in red decides to e...

Don Imus Visits Al Sharpton Play Video

Don Imus Visits Al Sharpton

115 months ago 418,535 377,997

If you havent heard yet, radio personality Don Imus was suspended today for...

Another Failed Keg Stand Play Video

Another Failed Keg Stand

115 months ago 390,548 264,606

Ive got good news and bad news. The bad news is the whole world is about to...

When PTA Meetings Go Bad Play Video

When PTA Meetings Go Bad

115 months ago 699,850 2

An argument starts up at a PTA meeting and people begin picking up chairs a...

How To Do The Belt Flip Play Video

How To Do The Belt Flip

115 months ago 1,426,025 6

Pretty cool demonstartion on how to do a belt flip. I am surprised this ch...


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