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When PTA Meetings Go Bad Play Video

When PTA Meetings Go Bad

115 months ago 699,850 2

An argument starts up at a PTA meeting and people begin picking up chairs a...

How To Do The Belt Flip Play Video

How To Do The Belt Flip

115 months ago 1,426,024 6

Pretty cool demonstartion on how to do a belt flip. I am surprised this ch...

16,000 Bottle Rockets Play Video

16,000 Bottle Rockets

115 months ago 584,712 2

For the finale of their backyard fireworks display last 4th, these guys set...

How Not To Do A Keg Stand Play Video

How Not To Do A Keg Stand

115 months ago 592,026 97,235

Now Ive done a few keg stands in my day and I think I can safely say this i...

Cell Phone Hack Play Video

Cell Phone Hack

115 months ago 1,069,672 1

Learn how to hack a cell phone so its able to receive police transmissions....

Through The Legs At 200mph Play Video

Through The Legs At 200mph

115 months ago 716,584 9

This guy hits a golf ball and sends it flying at 200 miles per hour through...

Peep Show Play Video

Peep Show

115 months ago 329,686 2,021,418

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all have a great day and eat lots of food...

Row Row Your Boat Play Video

Row Row Your Boat

115 months ago 792,726 2

This boat loses its engine so they put a backhoe on the boat and use it to ...

My New Favorite Commercial Play Video

My New Favorite Commercial

115 months ago 1,252,714 1

Guarantee you couldn't get away with airing this commercial on TV in the US...

Awesome Skate Tricks Play Video

Awesome Skate Tricks

115 months ago 558,787 2

This skater does some cool stuff, tricks most skaters dont even think to tr...

Bike Crashes Into Wall Hard Play Video

Bike Crashes Into Wall Hard

115 months ago 971,976 1

This is exactly why I stopped racing motorcycles competitively. That and th...

Bill OReilly Vs Geraldo Play Video

Bill OReilly Vs Geraldo

115 months ago 828,422 2

LOUD NOISES!!!! Whoever screams louder wins the argument! In the end I thin...

Cow Eats Baby Chick Play Video

Cow Eats Baby Chick

115 months ago 713,012 1,728,348

I guess humans arent the only ones who love devouring peeps this time of ye...

Easter Bunny Massacred Play Video

Easter Bunny Massacred

115 months ago 461,703 925,848

With Easter just a couple days away I am sad to announce that the Easter Bu...

Cat Vs Printer Play Video

Cat Vs Printer

115 months ago 762,759 4

This cat does not get along well with printers. How funny would it be if yo...

How To Catch A Murder Suspect Play Video

How To Catch A Murder Suspect

115 months ago 934,680 2,819,502

A murder suspect hides out on the window sill of a building. These firefig...

Car Crashes In Hi-Speed Chase Play Video

Car Crashes In Hi-Speed Chase

115 months ago 999,192 1

A car is attempting to get away from the cops in excess of 100mph when he l...


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