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Get Out Of My Bed Play Video

Get Out Of My Bed

115 months ago 652,338 6,655,406

Ive actually been in this same situation before, its late and all you want ...

Break Gallery CXXXII Play Video

Break Gallery CXXXII

Break Gallery 132!!! We have upped the ante on the babes in this one and al...

Hilarious DUI Test Play Video

Hilarious DUI Test

115 months ago 997,392 26

This is a very funny DUI test. I love how half way through when the guy re...

Swat Training Backfires Play Video

Swat Training Backfires

115 months ago 1,188,494 4

Members of the Indiana State Emergency Rescue Team are taking part in a SWA...

The Sound Of Llama Love Play Video

The Sound Of Llama Love

115 months ago 480,461 998,977

Ever wonder what it sounds like when two Llamas get together and make sweet...

Coitus Advice From A Sexpert Play Video

Coitus Advice From A Sexpert

115 months ago 387,308 1,947,916

Having trouble with the ladies? Well Eugene the coitus expert has some very...

Girl Knocks Out Guy Play Video

Girl Knocks Out Guy

115 months ago 1,550,562 9

Oh man, this is not a moment you want the whole world to see. A girl reache...

Stop Motion Dance Off Play Video

Stop Motion Dance Off

115 months ago 759,567 2

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we solved all disputes through stop...

Downhill Backflips Play Video

Downhill Backflips

115 months ago 507,710 1,422,531

This kid tries to do backflips down a hill and ends up picking up so much s...

The Life of a First Poster Play Video

The Life of a First Poster

115 months ago 287,880 1

Pretty funny video of some dude describing his life as a first poster. Wha...

Elephant Attacks Tourists Play Video

Elephant Attacks Tourists

115 months ago 420,037 1,274,466

A group of tourists are on an African safari viewing some elephants playing...

Ultimate Revenge on Ex Play Video

Ultimate Revenge on Ex

115 months ago 3,495,900 7

Ever had a girl cheat on you .... here is the ultimate way to get her back!...

Very Painful Nut Shot Play Video

Very Painful Nut Shot

115 months ago 1,047,338 9

I think we may be having our first look at a future darwin award candidate....

Toy Love Story Play Video

Toy Love Story

115 months ago 283,892 1

This stop animation video of two toys falling in love had me cracking up. Y...


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