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Mythbusters Asks A Ninja Play Video

Mythbusters Asks A Ninja

114 months ago 604,238 172,283

The Ask a Ninja ninja tells the Mythbusters what they should really know ab...

Foul Mouthed Mom At Hockey Game Play Video

Foul Mouthed Mom At Hockey Game

114 months ago 1,004,478 1,669,486

This video is awesome, some foul mouthed mom hurls obscenities as her 28 ye...

Nintendo Rube Goldberg Play Video

Nintendo Rube Goldberg

114 months ago 504,349 3

For a school animation project this guy made a Rube Goldberg contraption us...

The Worlds Greatest Yo Yo Guy Play Video

The Worlds Greatest Yo Yo Guy

114 months ago 1,080,090 3

Alright, personally I wouldnt think you would really have to be that good t...

Kids Wipe Out In Old Car Play Video

Kids Wipe Out In Old Car

114 months ago 639,966 1,292,416

A group of kids take a busted up old car and try to jump a dirt hill. The ...

Computer Dominos Play Video

Computer Dominos

114 months ago 537,384 7

After a dot-com merger completed a company had 82 extra computers lying aro...

Peeing On An Electric Fence Play Video

Peeing On An Electric Fence

114 months ago 1,315,743 7

Security camera footage at Mont-Joli airport in Quebec Canada captures foot...

Dry Ice Bomb Explodes In Hand Play Video

Dry Ice Bomb Explodes In Hand

114 months ago 470,071 656,117

This kid has made a dry ice bomb in a bottle and apparently he doesnt think...

Who Wears Short Shorts? Play Video

Who Wears Short Shorts?

114 months ago 2,207,585 3

I think we need a word for a piece of girls clothing that is in-betweenshor...

Butt Grabbing Prank Play Video

Butt Grabbing Prank

114 months ago 709,395 911,684

Some chick stands on a sidewalk and gets guys to come help her with directi...

Turkish Man Fights Mob Play Video

Turkish Man Fights Mob

114 months ago 2,040,736 70

A Turkish man gets in an argument and ends up taking on about 8 guys at onc...

The Jeep Waterfall Play Video

The Jeep Waterfall

114 months ago 629,248 715,894

A professor named Stephen Pevnick created this incredible Jeep waterfall pr...


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