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Race Car Rams Into Tree Play Video

Race Car Rams Into Tree

121 months ago 1,029,197 912,234

A race car tries to take a corner at a high speed and slides into a tree hi...

Canadian Idol Play Video

Canadian Idol

121 months ago 534,740 4,066,146

The Canadian Idol competition is a bit less formal the the American Idol on...

Cop Goes A Little Crazy Play Video

Cop Goes A Little Crazy

121 months ago 859,324 904,436

What should be a routine speeding ticket turns into a frightening experienc...

Team Doctor Helps Injure Player Play Video

Team Doctor Helps Injure Player

121 months ago 675,169 1,119,842

Not a great sign when your Team Doctor is also the one causing team injurie...

Spring Break Fight Play Video

Spring Break Fight

121 months ago 1,178,293 3

While driving through the streets of Panama City Florida, a guy gets jumped...

Guys Prank Pedestrians Play Video

Guys Prank Pedestrians

121 months ago 684,674 1

A couple guys hide behind some garbage bags and as people walk on by they j...

Water Bottle Jetpack Play Video

Water Bottle Jetpack

121 months ago 516,698 1

This is incredible. Some people on a Japanese show create a jetpack complet...

Whatever It Is Ebay Play Video

Whatever It Is Ebay

121 months ago 309,797 1,096,755

Whatever it is, you can get it on Ebay. This couldnt be more true, one nigh...

Eyebrow Shaving Ownzerization Play Video

Eyebrow Shaving Ownzerization

121 months ago 247,963 10

On this guy's birthday he makes the mistake of passing out with his socks a...

Terrorist Children Play Video

Terrorist Children

121 months ago 473,493 99,797

This is actually a pretty disturbing video shot during 1998. About a half ...

Blinded By Love Play Video

Blinded By Love

121 months ago 829,335 843,518

Im still not sure whether this poor dude was blinded by love or just a vict...

Outhouse Pranks Play Video

Outhouse Pranks

121 months ago 711,897 4

This is from some show that aired in Japan. These guys rig an outhouse so ...

The Longest Fart Ever Play Video

The Longest Fart Ever

121 months ago 338,689 1

We here at Break pride ourselves on having a very sophisticated sense of hu...


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