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Count the FCC Violations Play Video

Count the FCC Violations

110 months ago 429,701

I havent watched Sesame Street in a long time but it really has changed fro...

Gymnast Has Rough Landing Play Video

Gymnast Has Rough Landing

110 months ago 419,893

A gymnast does an excellent job at running, twisting, and flipping. If onl...

To Catch A Predator Play Video

To Catch A Predator

110 months ago 340,232

Tell me the dude in this clip doesnt look just like the guy from the movie ...

Sled Needs Longer Runway Play Video

Sled Needs Longer Runway

110 months ago 266,339

General rule of thumb you dont want to go sledding somewhere that has a gia...

Back Flip Wrestling Move Play Video

Back Flip Wrestling Move

110 months ago 683,726

Right when you think this guy is about to be taken down he pulls one of the...

Deer Dodges Cop Car Play Video

Deer Dodges Cop Car

110 months ago 366,803

A deer jumps out in front of a high speeding cop car and just before impact...

Ski Base Jumper Accident Play Video

Ski Base Jumper Accident

110 months ago 491,272

Who would have imagined that jumping off the roof of a building on skis wit...

STREAKER! At Beckham Game! Play Video

STREAKER! At Beckham Game!

110 months ago 307,725

Probably one of the funnier streaking videos Ive seen in a long time at a r...

Dumb Blonde Mic Check Play Video

Dumb Blonde Mic Check

110 months ago 846,350

This blonde dummy is born to be a star. Just watch as she performs a mic ch...

Cop Clips High Speed Biker Play Video

Cop Clips High Speed Biker

110 months ago 409,043

I get that its against the law to speed however, not sure how a cop can jus...

Sexy Tetris Play Video

Sexy Tetris

110 months ago 1,214,921

These guys have smokin hot ...


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