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Lucky Racing Bystander Play Video

Lucky Racing Bystander

124 months ago 127,715 2

Spectator almost flattened on race track. Is that guy the flag man or just ...

Ice Water Shower Prank Play Video

Ice Water Shower Prank

124 months ago 85,021 229,423

Simple prank to start off the March contest. Two glasses of ice water + hot...

The Muppet Matrix Play Video

The Muppet Matrix

124 months ago 56,154 52,841

Would you take the red pill or the blue pill. How about the fuzzy green pil...

Guy Stacks ON Huge Staircase Play Video

Guy Stacks ON Huge Staircase

124 months ago 59,302 6

Watch this biker line up and stack hard on a steep staircase. Man does that...

One Shot Pass Out Play Video

One Shot Pass Out

124 months ago 58,377 171,537

Ok this guy really cant hold his liquor. He takes one shot and passes out c...

Insane Amateur Basketball Shots Play Video

Insane Amateur Basketball Shots

124 months ago 80,243 1,437,972

This kid makes some amazing basketball shots on his home court. I used to t...

The Real Simpsons Play Video

The Real Simpsons

124 months ago 267,585 1,419,330

The creators of The Simpsons wanted to know what the shows opening sequence...

Deer Vs. Motorcycle Play Video

Deer Vs. Motorcycle

124 months ago 103,514 701,757

Warning, this is semi graphic. This is a high speed tape of a deer jumping ...

Skater Bashes His Rib Play Video

Skater Bashes His Rib

124 months ago 24,328 0

Skater attempts to grind rail, instead rail grinds skater's rib. I would li...

Creative Way to Steal A Car Play Video

Creative Way to Steal A Car

124 months ago 99,178 115,961

In search of a new car? Ever wonder how you can get one for free? Apparentl...

Skier Happens Upon Avalanche Play Video

Skier Happens Upon Avalanche

124 months ago 31,736 1

In the middle of a downhill run a skier suddenly finds himself in the middl...

Guy Gets Owned By Treadmill Play Video

Guy Gets Owned By Treadmill

124 months ago 234,019 766,308

This guy is having some issues with his treadmill. If this happened to me I...

The Ultimate Sucker Punch Play Video

The Ultimate Sucker Punch

124 months ago 275,520 192,292

Ok I really dont like this fat kid. Not only does he sucker punch a guy a t...

The Ultimate Wingman Play Video

The Ultimate Wingman

124 months ago 46,362 403,823

I thought this was a pretty funny sketch. Whats asking too much of a wingma...

Dont Rob This Guy Play Video

Dont Rob This Guy

124 months ago 381,452 214,806

Rule number one of robbing a convenience store is make sure the person behi...

Table Grinding Goes Wrong Play Video

Table Grinding Goes Wrong

124 months ago 88,902 211,424

Talk about adding insult to injury. Its not enough that he misses the jump ...


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