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Thats Not A Knife Play Video

Thats Not A Knife

118 months ago 1,603,837 9

Some dude tries to rob a store with a pretty big knife only to be trumped b...

Table Pool Slip And Slide Play Video

Table Pool Slip And Slide

118 months ago 1,083,871 7,925,594

Sometimes taking two really fun activities and combining them doesn't creat...

Puppy Love Play Video

Puppy Love

118 months ago 744,214 3

Billy passed out after a long night of drinking, and his dog decided to tak...

Really Bored During Speech Play Video

Really Bored During Speech

118 months ago 518,286 164,971

If your own publisher can't stay awake while you talk about your new book i...

Unsuspecting Soldier Laid Out Play Video

Unsuspecting Soldier Laid Out

118 months ago 1,250,452 992,367

A couple of guys in Iraq jacking around. The guy running was put up to it b...

Deer From The Matrix Play Video

Deer From The Matrix

118 months ago 1,843,157 75

This is pretty cool. This guy takes aim and shoots at a deer from about 10...

Robot Playing Air Hockey Play Video

Robot Playing Air Hockey

118 months ago 644,846 1

This is pretty cool. These guys build a robot and program it to play a gam...

Huge Weight Dropped On Head Play Video

Huge Weight Dropped On Head

118 months ago 908,240 2

Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark. Might be time to switch to a less dangerou...

Amazing Dice Stacking Skills Play Video

Amazing Dice Stacking Skills

118 months ago 1,579,443 3

Up until today I had no idea Dice Stacking was even a hobby let alone a spo...

Worlds Dumbest Criminal Play Video

Worlds Dumbest Criminal

Ok so before you complain yes we posted part of this clip about 6 months ag...

Cops Knock Out Drunk Guy Play Video

Cops Knock Out Drunk Guy

118 months ago 2,968,088 1

Drunk guys never learn; this one gets knocked out cold by a cop when he res...

Clear Download History Play Video

Clear Download History

118 months ago 1,148,165 807,054

Learn how to hide your internet habits from this clear your download histor...

Firework Demolition Gone Bad Play Video

Firework Demolition Gone Bad

118 months ago 909,640 962,399

Police confiscate 6 truckloads of fireworks and a Fire Marshall decides to ...

Cop Gets Run Over By Car Play Video

Cop Gets Run Over By Car

118 months ago 787,820 2

A guy gets trapped during a pursuit and backs over a cop on a motorcycle in...

Close Call With Train Play Video

Close Call With Train

118 months ago 745,260 5

Watch this couple try to jump across the tracks before a train comes speedi...

Girl With Very Fast Hands Play Video

Girl With Very Fast Hands

118 months ago 940,936 6

This girl must have the fastest hands I've ever seen before. I dont know wh...

Motorcycle Skatman Part 2 Play Video

Motorcycle Skatman Part 2

118 months ago 646,376 6

Remember the motorcycle skatman from a couple months ago? Well he's got som...


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