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Luckiest Rally Car Fan Ever Play Video

Luckiest Rally Car Fan Ever

109 months ago 463,091

Ive seen a lot of Rally car close calls but this one may be the closest. Th...

Homemade Bazooka Nail Gun Play Video

Homemade Bazooka Nail Gun

109 months ago 407,132

These guys make a bazooka and fill it with inch long nails. Then one of the...

Break Gallery CLXVIII Play Video

Break Gallery CLXVIII

Break Gallery 168!!! Go on and get some peoples because we have another bad...

Another Dancing Traffic Cop Play Video

Another Dancing Traffic Cop

109 months ago 476,482

I guess this has to be one of the most boring jobs in the world. Here is a...

Puppy Power Play Video

Puppy Power

109 months ago 334,593

At first glance this seems like its your classic Christmas morning scene. A...

Trippy Milk Trick Play Video

Trippy Milk Trick

109 months ago 386,952

This is a really trippy trick using milk, food coloring and some basic soap...

Sweet Trick To Win Some Cash Play Video

Sweet Trick To Win Some Cash

109 months ago 756,311

This is a pretty impressive yet surprisingly simple bar trick that you can ...

SUV Slips Off Mountain Cliff Play Video

SUV Slips Off Mountain Cliff

109 months ago 445,503

These guys film their buddy try to back up his SUV around a steep mountain ...

The Kissing Train Play Video

The Kissing Train

109 months ago 1,123,534

Maybe its the holidays or maybe its just me but New York sure seems a hell ...

Worlds Best Alarm Clock Play Video

Worlds Best Alarm Clock

109 months ago 348,941

The good news is you could never sleep through this and be late for work. T...

Failed Pullup Play Video

Failed Pullup

109 months ago 275,611

I had to laugh at this clip. I did the exact same thing years ago in my ba...

Interesting Facts Play Video

Interesting Facts

109 months ago 426,657

Another well done video with a bunch of stupid but interesting facts. I ha...


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