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Epic Pong Shots Play Video

Epic Pong Shots

123 months ago 128,142 3

These guys are amazing. Check out some of the shots they hit with a ping p...

Slam Ball Play Video

Slam Ball

123 months ago 578,720 15

I am sure a lot of you guys have seen this before but this looks friggin aw...

Dont Drink And Talk Smack Play Video

Dont Drink And Talk Smack

123 months ago 294,183 1

Apparently all this drunk guy wanted was a piece of cake. Somehow this inno...

Burger King Food Thief Play Video

Burger King Food Thief

123 months ago 127,417 369,745

A couple guys have devised an elaborate plan to get their fast food for fre...

Who Wants to be an Idiot Play Video

Who Wants to be an Idiot

123 months ago 489,733 1

Who wants to be a millionaire idiot. This guy may be the biggest fool in th...

Bull Vs Matador Play Video

Bull Vs Matador

123 months ago 89,461 103,918

I think I just answered my above question. Bull fighting is definitely anot...

Comp. of Skaters Crashing Play Video

Comp. of Skaters Crashing

123 months ago 86,325 425,247

Pretty sweet video of skaters at their best or is it at their worst? Either...

Couple Head Bangers Play Video

Couple Head Bangers

123 months ago 78,371 6

This one is actually pretty funny. Check out these two head bangers. One ...

Slight Distraction Play Video

Slight Distraction

123 months ago 248,957 2

A couple kids drive around town talking to various people walking the stree...

Womens Suffrage Play Video

Womens Suffrage

123 months ago 234,703 2

This kid visits a Wilmington Catholic College Prep High School and gets doz...

Big Time Knock Out Punch Play Video

Big Time Knock Out Punch

123 months ago 569,192 2

Here is a David vs Goliath clip but in this one Goliath wins. Check out th...

Beach Prank Play Video

Beach Prank

123 months ago 178,701 1

These girls dig a large hole in the sand at a beach and then film it hoping...

Incredible Two Legged Dog Play Video

Incredible Two Legged Dog

123 months ago 218,050 26

Meet Faith, the incredible two legged dog that doesn''t let her obvious dis...


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