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Worlds Dumbest Mechanic Play Video

Worlds Dumbest Mechanic

118 months ago 1,095,522 924,870

I'm no mechanic but I would at least remember to make sure the engine is of...

Embarrassing Hot Tub Accident Play Video

Embarrassing Hot Tub Accident

118 months ago 7,680,059 26

I dont like Hot Tubs in general because I feel like I'm sitting in a cauldr...

Almost Caught Cheating Play Video

Almost Caught Cheating

118 months ago 2,696,223 3

If you have been cheating on your significant other then you need to watch ...

Break Gallery CIX Play Video

Break Gallery CIX

It's Break Gallery 109! A kid with skid marks on his costume, a new contend...

31 Wheel Roller Suit Play Video

31 Wheel Roller Suit

118 months ago 1,165,853 3

A French guy named Jean-Yves Blondeau has created a plastic suit equipped w...

Cop Gets A Beating Play Video

Cop Gets A Beating

118 months ago 1,703,712 2

What a total freak of human nature. The cop uses pepper spray and shoots hi...

Paintball Target Practice Play Video

Paintball Target Practice

118 months ago 566,361 1

My buddy didn't think I could hit a clay pigeon off his head...oops...I mis...

Office Space Recut Play Video

Office Space Recut

118 months ago 589,201 2,732,120

Someone has recut "Office Space" into a slasher/thriller trailer. Seems lik...

Car Jump Ends Painfully Play Video

Car Jump Ends Painfully

118 months ago 835,515 12

This genius gets thinks he's a stunt man and decides he's gonna try to jump...

Skip The Wedding And Drink Play Video

Skip The Wedding And Drink

118 months ago 494,330 4,676,198

A guy tells his girlfriend that he's too sick to go to her cousins wedding ...

Sexy Bartender Marina Play Video

Sexy Bartender Marina

Our friends over at Spike TV are conducting a census of the hottest bartend...

Olympic Ski Shooting Revamped Play Video

Olympic Ski Shooting Revamped

118 months ago 621,533 11

After years of declining ratings and interest in Olympic Ski Shooting, the ...

Snow Kiting At Its Best Play Video

Snow Kiting At Its Best

118 months ago 334,938 1

Remember that Snow Sailing Video of that guy clearing that road on break. T...

Funny Ikea Ad The Perfect Mom Play Video

Funny Ikea Ad The Perfect Mom

118 months ago 636,986 17

Being a single mom and getting some alone time can be difficult. This mom m...


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