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Big Time Knock Out Punch Play Video

Big Time Knock Out Punch

123 months ago 569,187 2

Here is a David vs Goliath clip but in this one Goliath wins. Check out th...

Beach Prank Play Video

Beach Prank

123 months ago 178,695 1

These girls dig a large hole in the sand at a beach and then film it hoping...

Incredible Two Legged Dog Play Video

Incredible Two Legged Dog

123 months ago 218,050 26

Meet Faith, the incredible two legged dog that doesn''t let her obvious dis...

Testing Electric Dog Collar Play Video

Testing Electric Dog Collar

123 months ago 147,780 8

Mikey decides he wants to feel what its like when his dog gets shocked by t...

Roman Candle Toilet Prank Play Video

Roman Candle Toilet Prank

123 months ago 189,968 364,457

What do you do when your friend eats both your pizzas without giving you an...

Crazy Kid Eats Cactus Play Video

Crazy Kid Eats Cactus

123 months ago 132,468 1

This crazy kid tries to eat a cactus like it was an apple. I''m trying to f...

Distracting Secretary Play Video

Distracting Secretary

123 months ago 107,749 1

Two executives are having a conversation when the younger secretary walks b...

This is Not A Scam Play Video

This is Not A Scam

123 months ago 293,404 139,963

This is a great spoof on those old Don Lapre get rich quick infomercials. ...

Branch Break Nut Crunch Play Video

Branch Break Nut Crunch

123 months ago 34,345 0

If it wasnt for the poor video quality and camera work this would have been...

Roommate's Secret Revealed Play Video

Roommate's Secret Revealed

123 months ago 649,773 1

On the surface this seems like a typical roommate caught jerking off video....

And 1 Bowling Play Video

And 1 Bowling

123 months ago 105,735 1

This guy has perfected one of the strangest bowling moves I''ve ever seen. ...

White Kids Cant Dance Play Video

White Kids Cant Dance

123 months ago 131,252 233,464

I had to watch this clip twice because I couldnt figure out if this guy was...

Box of Free Kittens Play Video

Box of Free Kittens

123 months ago 52,466 8

Be careful of random boxes claiming to be giving away anything for free. Wa...

Scared The Crap Out of Me Play Video

Scared The Crap Out of Me

123 months ago 218,155 1

A simple yet very effective April fools prank for those who havent thought ...

Classic Golf Ball Prank Play Video

Classic Golf Ball Prank

123 months ago 794,223 11

Take one Land Cruiser, about three thousand golf balls and a friend who is ...

Let's All Do the Sprain Play Video

Let's All Do the Sprain

123 months ago 143,122 8

Since when is crutch dancing a fun after school activity? This guy knows he...


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