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Choose Your Weapons Wisely Play Video

Choose Your Weapons Wisely

124 months ago 110,842 2,529

A couple of guys are fighting in the streets and one of them wants to use a...

Dont Celebrate Too Soon Play Video

Dont Celebrate Too Soon

124 months ago 171,570 55,604

Never celebrate too soon or you might look really stupid like this guy. I f...

Dont Play Chicken With a Ferry Play Video

Dont Play Chicken With a Ferry

124 months ago 179,524 726,490

A small sailboat tries to cut in front of an oncoming ferry boat. What was ...

No More Wanking At Work Play Video

No More Wanking At Work

124 months ago 180,520 1

With the company supervisor coming tomorrow everyone must refrain from wank...

I Love Lucy Egg Prank Play Video

I Love Lucy Egg Prank

124 months ago 30,240 220,279

This prank is a throwback to the old I love Lucy chocolate factory episode....

Doing The Skatman Saves Lives Play Video

Doing The Skatman Saves Lives

124 months ago 192,601 2

Downed racer avoids other bikes by doing the skatman. If racing doesn't wor...

Bad Olympic Luge Crash Play Video

Bad Olympic Luge Crash

124 months ago 224,725 71,535

In honor of the winter Olympics check out this insane luge crash. The luge ...

Eulogy For A Fallen Beer Play Video

Eulogy For A Fallen Beer

124 months ago 176,144 11

UPDATE: We posted this Canadian beer ad yesterday and today the actor playi...

Please Take Your Seat Play Video

Please Take Your Seat

124 months ago 74,284 1

A guy tries to stand up on his motorcyle, guess what happens...Unlike recen...

Evil Dad Scares Kid Play Video

Evil Dad Scares Kid

124 months ago 377,841 5

Most kids are mildly startled by clips like that, this kid freaks the hell ...

Cop Grazed By Motorist Play Video

Cop Grazed By Motorist

124 months ago 46,041 2

A cop making a routine traffic stop on a freeway is grazed by a passing car...

Cracked Over The Head Play Video

Cracked Over The Head

124 months ago 157,107 112,419

Wow this looks really painful. This kid cracks his friend right on the head...

British Troops Beat Up Iraqis Play Video

British Troops Beat Up Iraqis

124 months ago 371,735 3

British troops take it upon themselves to beat up some iraqis. We're not ma...

White Kids Can't Dunk Play Video

White Kids Can't Dunk

124 months ago 66,156 192,543

How many innocent children have to get hurt before we realize that white pe...

Teacher Uses The N Word Play Video

Teacher Uses The N Word

124 months ago 182,182 751,259

Say goodbye to your job. If theres one battle you'll never win its this one...


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