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Failed Hurdle Jump Play Video

Failed Hurdle Jump

102 months ago 438,128

This high school chick gets her foot cut on a hurdle at the top of her jump...

Dumb Driver Crashes Pedicab Play Video

Dumb Driver Crashes Pedicab

102 months ago 255,142

A daring pedicab driver thinks he can squeeze between two stone roadblocks,...

Hilariously Weird Tug of War Play Video

Hilariously Weird Tug of War

102 months ago 1,434,641

Japanese television gives us another gem of weirdness, as two contestants f...

How To Destroy Your New Quad Play Video

How To Destroy Your New Quad

102 months ago 431,757

This dude nearly reaches the top of a mountain on his new quad but the moun...


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