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Bikini Pool Shark Play Video

Bikini Pool Shark

Penthouse Pet Krista Ayne knows how to play pool and can teach you a thing ...

The Amazing Christopher Play Video

The Amazing Christopher

117 months ago 726,393 2

The Amazing Christopher performs a really cool routine at halftime shows ac...

Tracy Morgan Blackass Play Video

Tracy Morgan Blackass

117 months ago 738,764 1

A preview for Tracy Morgan's new show Blackass. I know this is a parody but...

Ski Gliding Mount Eiger Play Video

Ski Gliding Mount Eiger

117 months ago 810,680 3

On June 14th François Bon and Antoine Montant did the world first speedflyi...

Blow Dryer Flour Prank Play Video

Blow Dryer Flour Prank

117 months ago 1,182,347 3

This is a classic prank to pull on your girlfriend when she's getting ready...

Face First Into Cement Wall Play Video

Face First Into Cement Wall

117 months ago 698,989 624,751

Watch this kid go full speed and try to jump out of the way of a cement wal...

Clever Wife Play Video

Clever Wife

117 months ago 1,114,463 20

How about this for a clever wife. I have no clue what the hell they are sa...

Poor Treadmill Play Video

Poor Treadmill

117 months ago 859,522 12

Hey I give her credit for working out I just cant help to think how unlucky...

Truck Crashes Into Bank Play Video

Truck Crashes Into Bank

117 months ago 615,854 1

Some idiot loses control of a truck and barrels into a bank and on top of a...

Fight Over A Parking Spot Play Video

Fight Over A Parking Spot

117 months ago 1,524,679 1

This is so cool. There have been so many times I've wanted to push somebody...

Really Bad Bowling Shot Play Video

Really Bad Bowling Shot

117 months ago 1,921,001 16

This guy is no Ernie McCraken. Where did the ball go?

Breakin Gimp Style Play Video

Breakin Gimp Style

117 months ago 584,125 442,177

My buddy is an above-the-knee amputee. On a recent trip to New York City, h...

Shop At Home Moron Play Video

Shop At Home Moron

117 months ago 672,735 384,438

The same Shop At Home Host who cut himself with a Katana sword stumbles thr...

Little Dove Hunter Play Video

Little Dove Hunter

117 months ago 790,817 2

Little dude dove hunting with his dad. Watch what happens when he gets a sh...

Faceplant Off Swing Set Play Video

Faceplant Off Swing Set

117 months ago 507,111 816,002

This kid tries some kind of trick off a swing set and ends up landing face ...

Player Dunks Off Buddies Back Play Video

Player Dunks Off Buddies Back

117 months ago 763,785 5

Pretty sweet dunk from some short white dude during a high school basketbal...

Wipeout At Motocross Race Play Video

Wipeout At Motocross Race

117 months ago 357,899 1

Watch this wipeout at a recent motocross race. The second dude to hit slam...


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