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Flying Trampoline Back Smash Play Video

Flying Trampoline Back Smash 81 months ago

What exactly is it going to take to make trampolines illegal? This kid gets...

Total Miss On Balance Beam Play Video

Total Miss On Balance Beam 81 months ago

This poor girl completely misses the balance beam on a flip and lands face ...

Why I Want To Try Yoga Play Video

Why I Want To Try Yoga 81 months ago

After watching this video I really want to take a yoga class. Recognize the...

Itchy Nuts DUI Play Video

Itchy Nuts DUI 81 months ago

People dont realize that being in handcuffs greatly reduces your ability to...

Failed Cheerleading Toss Play Video

Failed Cheerleading Toss 81 months ago

A bunch of cheerleaders toss a girl up in the air while practicing a halfti...