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Two Girls Fall Off Stage Play Video

Two Girls Fall Off Stage

123 months ago 196,073 428,576

Talent night at the local karaoke bar and a group of really hot chicks are ...

Super Dog Play Video

Super Dog

123 months ago 92,077 4

This dog is awesome. He runs full speed and grabs onto a rope with his tee...

Horse Craps On Reporter Play Video

Horse Craps On Reporter

123 months ago 164,434 1,211,854

A very eager reporter is attempting to run underneath the belly of a horse....

Talented Monkey Can Skate Play Video

Talented Monkey Can Skate

123 months ago 38,030 372,989

This monkey can skate! Thats pretty cool I bet it took a long time to train...

Peeing On A Frozen Pond Play Video

Peeing On A Frozen Pond

123 months ago 148,064 448,843

I dont know why this guy's leg has a rope attached to it but for some reaso...

Ping Pong Mayhem Play Video

Ping Pong Mayhem

123 months ago 200,786 165,569

Take one ping pong table, one ping pong ball and 240 set mouse traps and th...

Two Thousand Page Phonebook Play Video

Two Thousand Page Phonebook

123 months ago 63,190 3

These two guys bet on a game of pool but since they were both broke the sta...

Rollerblader Wipes Out Play Video

Rollerblader Wipes Out

123 months ago 26,804 2

This guy wipes out and has a pretty bad landing on his neck. He probably w...

Bad Luck Play Video

Bad Luck

123 months ago 284,456 172,714

Check out the guy in the background watching his buddy wipe out on this stu...

Lucky Racing Bystander Play Video

Lucky Racing Bystander

123 months ago 127,704 2

Spectator almost flattened on race track. Is that guy the flag man or just ...

Ice Water Shower Prank Play Video

Ice Water Shower Prank

123 months ago 85,008 229,423

Simple prank to start off the March contest. Two glasses of ice water + hot...

The Muppet Matrix Play Video

The Muppet Matrix

123 months ago 56,144 52,841

Would you take the red pill or the blue pill. How about the fuzzy green pil...

Guy Stacks ON Huge Staircase Play Video

Guy Stacks ON Huge Staircase

123 months ago 59,300 6

Watch this biker line up and stack hard on a steep staircase. Man does that...

One Shot Pass Out Play Video

One Shot Pass Out

123 months ago 58,370 171,537

Ok this guy really cant hold his liquor. He takes one shot and passes out c...


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