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Akon Is Gonna Get Sued Play Video

Akon Is Gonna Get Sued

113 months ago 1,848,633 1

A couple weeks ago Akon pretty much sexually assaulted a 15 year old girl o...

Funny Moments In Soccer Play Video

Funny Moments In Soccer

113 months ago 1,082,695 33

Im not even a big follower of soccer or futbol or whatever you want to call...

Best Ever Passed Out Prank Play Video

Best Ever Passed Out Prank

113 months ago 2,495,771 2

Drawing a penis on their friend’s face just wasn’t enough for the ...

Monster Truck Crash Play Video

Monster Truck Crash

113 months ago 903,965 1

Two Monster trucks race on a narrow course. One of them loses control and ...

Check Out This Faceplant Play Video

Check Out This Faceplant

113 months ago 536,850 114,700

Alright, granted the guy landed on dirt but after seeing his head after the...

Interrogation Room Beat Down Play Video

Interrogation Room Beat Down

113 months ago 852,556 3

A little advice for if you get arrested, dont try to act like a bad dude in...

Fear Of Fish confronted Play Video

Fear Of Fish confronted

113 months ago 822,633 2

These guys have a roommate who has an irrational fear of fish. In order to ...

The Wall of Fire Play Video

The Wall of Fire

113 months ago 777,709 1

These guys broke the world record for the longest wall of fire at just over...

Embarrassing Ferrari Accident Play Video

Embarrassing Ferrari Accident

113 months ago 1,342,414 2

During a Ferrari rally in a small European city some rich moron tries to sh...

Skipping Stones World Record Play Video

Skipping Stones World Record

113 months ago 1,226,859 108

Man beats previous world record of 40 skips with this 50 skip throw. He mus...


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