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How To Shuffle Poker Chips Play Video

How To Shuffle Poker Chips

115 months ago 609,757 752,150

Alright, I got to admit Ive tried and failed at this until watching the vid...

March Madness Begins Today Play Video

March Madness Begins Today

115 months ago 209,139 5

Just about every year I get slammed in my NCAA pools. I was searching arou...

Bo Burnham - 3.14 Apple Pi Play Video

Bo Burnham - 3.14 Apple Pi

115 months ago 578,864 1

If you got a masters in engineering or are just a really big nerd then you ...

Cat Attacks Cute Reporter Play Video

Cat Attacks Cute Reporter

115 months ago 1,364,030 24

Kathleen Cochrane from WJW Fox 8 in Cleveland gets into a bit of cat fight ...

Crazy Acid Throwing Neighbor Play Video

Crazy Acid Throwing Neighbor

115 months ago 955,063 7

This crazy lady has been in an ongoing feud with her neighbors and goes to ...

Break Gallery CXXVIII Play Video

Break Gallery CXXVIII

Break Gallery 128!!! One of the sickest Break galleries yet! Its all over t...

Owned By A Ceiling Fan Play Video

Owned By A Ceiling Fan

115 months ago 1,007,599 1

All of a sudden this dude gets up and tries to do a flying kick to close a ...

Karma Sucks Play Video

Karma Sucks

115 months ago 666,527 3

Some dude tries to pull the wooden spoon prank on his friend. He doesnt ha...

Round And Round We Go Play Video

Round And Round We Go

115 months ago 593,868 1

When its too cold to ride a bull, this is the next best thing. That was pro...

Car Launched By Road Block Play Video

Car Launched By Road Block

115 months ago 774,863 1

Closed circuit cameras catch this motorist in the Netherlands ignoring the ...

Drunk Chick Gets Tazed Play Video

Drunk Chick Gets Tazed

115 months ago 1,373,437 7

Some chick gets arrested for drunk driving and while in the police headquar...

Shift Happens Play Video

Shift Happens

115 months ago 1,123,104 5

I got to say this was a very interesting video to watch. Its just a bunch ...

Slow Motion Gun Shots Play Video

Slow Motion Gun Shots

115 months ago 930,812 721,332

I am such a sucker for the slow motion high fps videos. This one is very c...

Eel Bites Off Divers Thumb Play Video

Eel Bites Off Divers Thumb

115 months ago 2,426,400 5

A scuba diver is feeding Giant Mora Eels near Phuket Thailand when one of t...


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