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Donkey Wants A Piece Play Video

Donkey Wants A Piece

108 months ago 600,379

I just loved the irony of this clip. Technically, they are both looking at...

Iran Provoking US Navy Play Video

Iran Provoking US Navy

108 months ago 453,972

This is recently released footage from the US Navy of exactly what happened...

Break Gallery CLXXI Play Video

Break Gallery CLXXI

Break Gallery #171!!! Here we go again people, another rock solid collectio...

ATV Jump Into Tree Play Video

ATV Jump Into Tree

108 months ago 415,569

Some guy gets his ATV gains some speed then jumps into a tree. Ahhh the thi...

The Truth About Smoking Play Video

The Truth About Smoking

108 months ago 335,559

Swear To God is a pretty funny spoof of those Anti Smoking Truth Campaign a...

Train Runs Over Crazy Kid Play Video

Train Runs Over Crazy Kid

108 months ago 710,319

This dude lays down in between some railroad tracks and films a train runni...

Crazy Conspiracy Theory Play Video

Crazy Conspiracy Theory

108 months ago 214,984

There is a recent internet conspiracy theory that Treasury Secretary Henry ...

Cheating Couple Busted Play Video

Cheating Couple Busted

108 months ago 675,061

Her husband is supposed to be at work but when he comes home early and catc...

Cop Hits Man In Wheelchair Play Video

Cop Hits Man In Wheelchair

108 months ago 343,511

A cop turns a corner and clips a man slowly crossing the street in his whee...

Hey We Made The Homepage Play Video

Hey We Made The Homepage

108 months ago 264,700

These kids rig a chair and then tell their buddy they made the homepage of ...

Big Brothers Suck Play Video

Big Brothers Suck

108 months ago 375,548

Check out the crushing blow at the end of this pillow fight.

Bad Wheelie Breaks Leg Play Video

Bad Wheelie Breaks Leg

108 months ago 346,769

This guy tries to show off for his friends at work but loses control when h...

Awkward Moments In Bed Play Video

Awkward Moments In Bed

108 months ago 827,387

Bringing a girl home for the first time can be awkward, especially if you h...

Bill Gates Last Day Of Work Play Video

Bill Gates Last Day Of Work

108 months ago 463,717

This is a video spoof shown during the CES 2008 keynote by Bill Gates descr...


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