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Baby Knows What He Wants Play Video

Baby Knows What He Wants

105 months ago 457,548

This kid is only a couple months old and he already knows exactly what he w...

Projectile Dysfunction Play Video

Projectile Dysfunction

105 months ago 286,620

If you're having a hard time killing lately, you may be suffering from a ve...

Working Girl Gets Tricked Play Video

Working Girl Gets Tricked

105 months ago 377,134

Dont you hate it when you find out the hot girl you just hooked up with tur...

Obama Does Def Comedy Jam Play Video

Obama Does Def Comedy Jam

105 months ago 195,214

Recently Obama stopped off at the Apollo to try his hand at stand up. I can...

I'm Pressin Charges!!! Play Video

I'm Pressin Charges!!!

105 months ago 332,457

A conflict arises on a train and this lovely and not at all crazy young wom...

Drunk Driver Cuts Off Biker Play Video

Drunk Driver Cuts Off Biker

105 months ago 300,697

A drunk driver merges over two lanes of traffic and cuts off a speeding bik...

Break Gallery CXC Play Video

Break Gallery CXC

Break Gallery #190!!! Fun and Games is over peoples, time to get serious ab...

Little Kid vs Tuba Player Play Video

Little Kid vs Tuba Player

106 months ago 960,662

Some little kid is running around and generally being annoying while this b...

Cool Finger Trick Play Video

Cool Finger Trick

106 months ago 638,985

This is a pretty simple yet confusing trick that you can challenge anyone t...

Musician Interrupted Play Video

Musician Interrupted

106 months ago 492,249

This guy is recording a song in his kitchen when his girlfriend calls. His...

Ball Bearing Beat Creator Play Video

Ball Bearing Beat Creator

106 months ago 302,451

This thing is friggin cool. I actually searched to see if this is somethin...

Drano Bomb Goes Really Bad Play Video

Drano Bomb Goes Really Bad

106 months ago 588,136

These kids are attempting to make a drano bomb but unfortunately something ...


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