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How To Pick A Combo Lock Play Video

How To Pick A Combo Lock

110 months ago 705,132 1

This video demonstrates how vulnerable a combination lock can be. With jus...

Martha Stewart For Rednecks Play Video

Martha Stewart For Rednecks

110 months ago 203,274 5,489,991

I guess this is an actual TV show. I am not sure who this is but in this c...

Stupid Brain Tricks Play Video

Stupid Brain Tricks

110 months ago 835,030 8

I heard of a couple of these before and seen an image or two but together t...

Should've Took A Sick Day Play Video

Should've Took A Sick Day

110 months ago 1,475,914 2

The host of a call in game show pukes while talking with one of the contest...

Britney Fan Goes Crazy Play Video

Britney Fan Goes Crazy

110 months ago 416,910 6

The Britney fan is back again. We decided not to post his last few videos ...

Slide Divider Vs Nuts Play Video

Slide Divider Vs Nuts

110 months ago 330,018 8,540,853

On his 18th birthday this poor guy tries to take out his friend by sliding ...

Megasaurus Destroys Car Play Video

Megasaurus Destroys Car

110 months ago 507,742 1

Until now I had only seen megasaurus in cartoons so its really cool to see ...

Deer Vs Dog Wild Chase Play Video

Deer Vs Dog Wild Chase

110 months ago 677,499 5

This video would have been a classic if they kept filming a bit longer but ...

The Crash Play Video

The Crash

110 months ago 291,449 1,121,255

This guy is awesome, 2 years after a mountain bike crash that left him para...

Kitty Porn Play Video

Kitty Porn

110 months ago 1,356,914 1

This is a very smart kitty, and one who really could get into some ...

Chris Crocker In Five Years Play Video

Chris Crocker In Five Years

110 months ago 291,870 3

This video provides a frightening look into the future of that freak Chris ...

New Rally Car Flip Record Play Video

New Rally Car Flip Record

110 months ago 703,878 1

Just when you thought these guys couldnt suck at driving anymore some dude ...

Dont Touch A Lions Paw Play Video

Dont Touch A Lions Paw

110 months ago 1,002,788 2

This dude just learned out the hard way that lions really dont like it when...

Face Taping Passed Out Dude Play Video

Face Taping Passed Out Dude

110 months ago 1,131,435 12

Taping a guys eyes and mouth open while hes passed out is a simple prank bu...


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