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Snow Mobile Wipeout Play Video

Snow Mobile Wipeout

122 months ago 42,880 112,904

Not sure what this rider was thinking but it wasnt about turning. He compl...

Insane Air Show Crash Footage Play Video

Insane Air Show Crash Footage

122 months ago 469,166 1

This footage from a Russian air show crash is pretty incredible. I don't kn...

Piercing Your Ear With A Nail Play Video

Piercing Your Ear With A Nail

122 months ago 85,885 2

Let me just say right off the bat that this is extremely dangerous and shou...

Cat Survives 80 Foot Drop Play Video

Cat Survives 80 Foot Drop

122 months ago 311,925 5

There goes lives one through eight. I guess it's true that cats always land...

Missing Glass Door Prank Play Video

Missing Glass Door Prank

123 months ago 373,540 2,010,757

Remove the glass from the doors of a busy mall and what do you get? A hilar...

Grandma Finds Toy Play Video

Grandma Finds Toy

123 months ago 388,204 19

A girl misplaces her vibrator while visiting her beloved old grandmother. P...

Soccer Ref Is Taken Out Play Video

Soccer Ref Is Taken Out

123 months ago 137,844 192,335

With time running out in the championship game, this guy sees an opportunit...

Skater Crashes Hard Off Rail Play Video

Skater Crashes Hard Off Rail

123 months ago 84,046 228,370

A skater tries to grind a rail but gets caught and takes a nasty fall. Sorr...

A Bad Poker Face Play Video

A Bad Poker Face

123 months ago 162,309 2

I know this is just a commercial for Party Poker but I needed something to ...

Leprechaun Spotted In Alabama Play Video

Leprechaun Spotted In Alabama

123 months ago 256,251 51

Mobile Alabama residents are enthralled by a Leprechaun who lives in the tr...

Taken Out By Big Wave Play Video

Taken Out By Big Wave

123 months ago 248,056 2

This guy thinks his friend wants to take a picture of him on the rock when ...

Bannister Slide Goes Bad Play Video

Bannister Slide Goes Bad

123 months ago 163,427 401,390

This guy wants to prove how slick he is by sliding down the banister of his...


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