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Dont Drink And Powerwheel Play Video

Dont Drink And Powerwheel

114 months ago 736,525 6

These guys pull there buddy from a truck at about 40mph while he rides one ...

Amazing Golf Pong Shots Play Video

Amazing Golf Pong Shots

114 months ago 650,317 1

These guys have set up their very on mini putt course in their dorm using t...

The New Guy Prank Play Video

The New Guy Prank

114 months ago 752,503 4

It always sucks to be the new guy but this is a brutal way to start a new j...

Awesome Bowling Trick Shot Play Video

Awesome Bowling Trick Shot

114 months ago 1,218,918 7,738,737

Norm Duke drops the coolest bowling trick shot Ive ever seen. Im not really...

Kid Chugs 64oz of Gatorade Play Video

Kid Chugs 64oz of Gatorade

114 months ago 686,369 428,895

Not sure we have ever seen anyone chug 64oz of anything at one time. But t...

Live Stunt Goes Bad Play Video

Live Stunt Goes Bad

114 months ago 1,046,962 2,255,193

This guy was going to perform a stunt live for a local news channel and as ...

Extremely Flexible Girl Play Video

Extremely Flexible Girl

114 months ago 1,486,670 37

Wouldnt want to play twister with this extremely flexible girl...Wait, I ch...

Biker Faceplants Into Truck Play Video

Biker Faceplants Into Truck

114 months ago 809,790 4,902,897

Some dude goes cruising around a corner on his bike and rams head on into a...

The Sopranos In Seven Minutes Play Video

The Sopranos In Seven Minutes

114 months ago 332,669 4

I had no idea that The Sopranos returns this Sunday, but it does and in cas...

This Kid is Like Spiderman Play Video

This Kid is Like Spiderman

114 months ago 2,308,120 1,317,434

This guy Joey is seriously like Spiderman, he climbs up a wall in no time a...

Terminator Vs Robocop Play Video

Terminator Vs Robocop

114 months ago 989,654 18

Whoever created this mash up is very talented, he spliced together a bunch ...

Low Flying Helicopter Hits Car Play Video

Low Flying Helicopter Hits Car

114 months ago 2,400,589 25

A low flying helicopter clips the window of a car and ends up getting pulle...

Pelican Eats A Duck Play Video

Pelican Eats A Duck

114 months ago 1,229,056 2

This is crazy. Its a nice Saturday morning. All the birds are hangin out ...


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