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Kid Faceplants Into Wall Play Video

Kid Faceplants Into Wall

114 months ago 1,097,354 2

Some kid tries to bounce off his bed onto one of those fitness balls and en...

Wonderbra Ad Malfunctions Play Video

Wonderbra Ad Malfunctions

114 months ago 1,540,231 1

Really clever ad for the Wonderbra or just a broken billboard?

Georgetown Hoyas 300 Remix Play Video

Georgetown Hoyas 300 Remix

114 months ago 331,350 565,167

From all of us who picked Georgetown to win it all here is a little Hoya Ma...

Girl In Lingerie Beats Up Guy Play Video

Girl In Lingerie Beats Up Guy

114 months ago 2,974,510 5

Usually when girls beat up guys it's not nearly this sexy. This vixen in re...

Picnic Table Jump Mishap Play Video

Picnic Table Jump Mishap

114 months ago 575,063 666,174

Congratulations to krazyklimbers for sending in the winning video for our c...

Amazing French Beatboxer Part 2 Play Video

Amazing French Beatboxer Part 2

114 months ago 1,130,067 6,493,689

The same awesome beat boxer we posted last week was back on French idol dro...

When Graphic Artists Get Bored Play Video

When Graphic Artists Get Bored

114 months ago 1,116,513 8,978,574

This is what happens when graphic artists get bored. I think my favorite ha...

Four Wheeler Face Plant Play Video

Four Wheeler Face Plant

114 months ago 822,766 7,774,929

After landing a small jump this kid starts to flip over his handlebars. As...

Anti Gravity Trick Play Video

Anti Gravity Trick

114 months ago 1,075,017 3

This guy takes a few household items and demonstrates how to build an anti-...

Break Gallery CXXX Play Video

Break Gallery CXXX

Its Break Gallery 130!!! Hey now, get ready for some funky individuals, sic...

Grand Theft Auto 4 Trailer! Play Video

Grand Theft Auto 4 Trailer!

114 months ago 891,407 3,637,008

They just released the trailer for Grand Theft Auto 4 and all I can say is ...

Redneck Carnival Ride Play Video

Redneck Carnival Ride

114 months ago 722,021 19

Would you ride the Spin Dizzy? Its basically an excavator with bucket seats...

Thats Pretty Underground Play Video

Thats Pretty Underground

114 months ago 685,125 8

This is a really funny sketch about those too hip for the world music lover...

Funny Opening Credits Play Video

Funny Opening Credits

114 months ago 444,961 8

Ok Ill admit I had to watch this clip three times before I figured out what...

When Republicans Party Play Video

When Republicans Party

114 months ago 333,285 2,821,668

This is a pretty funny video of Karl Rove trying to beat box, rap, and danc...

Launching A Bowling Ball Play Video

Launching A Bowling Ball

114 months ago 879,460 959,097

These guys cruise down a road at a high speed and drop a bowling ball out t...


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