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Osam Bin Laden Auditions Play Video

Osam Bin Laden Auditions

116 months ago 420,956 1,447,860

This guy Bobby Roos does awesome impressions of a couple celebrities trying...

Leaf Blower Spin Play Video

Leaf Blower Spin

116 months ago 531,921 1,346,364

Take a spinning stool, a couple beers and a leaf blower and you can create ...

Bridge Jump On Fire Play Video

Bridge Jump On Fire

116 months ago 475,661 456,622

This is not an activity I recommend, this guy gets set on fire then jumps o...

Anaconda Vs Jaguar Play Video

Anaconda Vs Jaguar

116 months ago 1,604,334 3,803,074

A giant 300 pound anaconda and a 200 pound jaguar fight to the death. This ...

Kids Blow Up School Papers Play Video

Kids Blow Up School Papers

116 months ago 690,731 339,818

Some kids crumple their high school papers, drench the pile with gasoline a...

The Superman Dive Play Video

The Superman Dive

116 months ago 743,704 2,281,174

Watch as this guy does the superman dive onto his roommate's bed. That's go...

Lego Glass Prank Play Video

Lego Glass Prank

116 months ago 820,323 376,040

Candid camera prank with "scream" powered lego robot. People come by to scr...

Santa Claus Steady Mobbin Play Video

Santa Claus Steady Mobbin

116 months ago 245,859 466,691

From the guys who created The Easter Bunny Hates You comes Santa Claus Stea...

Corporeal: All We Got Play Video

Corporeal: All We Got

116 months ago 473,281 1

This is freaking awesome. These are the same guys who did the live version ...

Van Damme Hides A Boner Play Video

Van Damme Hides A Boner

116 months ago 2,610,371 1

This is from a Brazilian TV Show called DOMINGO LEGAL where hot Women dance...

Chick Knocks Dude Out Cold Play Video

Chick Knocks Dude Out Cold

116 months ago 2,564,167 3

Some guy gets in a fight outside a bar with a girl. As the argument heats ...

Paint Ball Firing Range Play Video

Paint Ball Firing Range

116 months ago 490,251 708,433

This is friggin crazy. This dude takes hundreds of rounds of paint balls s...


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