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Excited To Go To The Gym Play Video

Excited To Go To The Gym

122 months ago 111,740 394,077

This is a pretty funny clip of a guy that is very excited about going to th...

Time To Let Go Play Video

Time To Let Go

122 months ago 184,673 435,201

A girl comes home to meet her boyfriends parents and learns that he is defi...

Failed Dock Jump Attempt Play Video

Failed Dock Jump Attempt

122 months ago 323,762 5

This guys friends have all bet him $40 that he cant jump from one dock to t...

Jo Koy On Michael Jackson Play Video

Jo Koy On Michael Jackson

122 months ago 126,005 306,018

We''ve all seen ton of people do a Michael Jackson impression but I must sa...

Funny Yellow Pages Ad Play Video

Funny Yellow Pages Ad

122 months ago 93,978 4

I dont really see what this has to do with the yellow pages but this is pre...

Snowboard Bench Slam Play Video

Snowboard Bench Slam

122 months ago 44,013 1

The most important thing to remember when snowboarding is you gotta keep th...

Ghetto Bungee Jumping In Yard Play Video

Ghetto Bungee Jumping In Yard

122 months ago 61,993 7

Ghetto Bungee jumping in the front yard. We''ve all been there before, when...

The Toot Tone Play Video

The Toot Tone

122 months ago 42,402 1

Just a little advice to remember. If your ever in a meeting at Motorola an...

Easter Bunnies Evil Twin Play Video

Easter Bunnies Evil Twin

122 months ago 311,072 1,612,193

Well, I wanted to try to find some kinda of Easter video. I finally came u...

Sara Bails on Snowboard Rail Play Video

Sara Bails on Snowboard Rail

122 months ago 53,230 5

Sara bails hard trying to grind the snowboard rail. This looks really painf...

Really Old Tortoise Love Play Video

Really Old Tortoise Love

122 months ago 35,018 1

These 150 year old tortoises are acting like they''re both still a couple o...

Anti Smoking Advice Play Video

Anti Smoking Advice

122 months ago 37,877 80,298

What do you do when someone offers you a cigarette? You say no thanks. What...

The Worm Stop Motion Play Video

The Worm Stop Motion

122 months ago 83,377 9

I thought this was a pretty cool home made stop motion video. Its especiall...

Spring Board Malfunctions Play Video

Spring Board Malfunctions

122 months ago 159,043 5

A gymnast attempts to do his routine but as he hits the springboard the boa...

Spice Boys Stage Fall Play Video

Spice Boys Stage Fall

122 months ago 96,273 189,661

At a talent show a couple guys decide to perform one of the Spice Girls cla...


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