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Break Homepage Prank Play Video

Break Homepage Prank

111 months ago 394,590 1

This video got so many votes to homepage, it might be a new record. Some gu...

Flinstones Raging Bull Play Video

Flinstones Raging Bull

111 months ago 254,009 3,031,944

Ok this clip is really short but it made me laugh. Any fan of Robert De Nir...

Stop Motion GI Joe  War Play Video

Stop Motion GI Joe War

111 months ago 443,850 3

This guy has made a really cool stop motion video of his GI Joes fighting a...

Loader endo Play Video

Loader endo

111 months ago 429,184 1,222,926

A couple guys fooling around with a tractor, one dares the other to do an i...

Flying Trampoline Back Smash Play Video

Flying Trampoline Back Smash

111 months ago 365,095 1,174,176

What exactly is it going to take to make trampolines illegal? This kid gets...

Total Miss On Balance Beam Play Video

Total Miss On Balance Beam

111 months ago 675,479 1

This poor girl completely misses the balance beam on a flip and lands face ...

Itchy Nuts DUI Play Video

Itchy Nuts DUI

111 months ago 604,302 3

People dont realize that being in handcuffs greatly reduces your ability to...

Failed Cheerleading Toss Play Video

Failed Cheerleading Toss

111 months ago 624,349 33

A bunch of cheerleaders toss a girl up in the air while practicing a halfti...

Break Gallery CXLVII Play Video

Break Gallery CXLVII

Break Gallery #147!!! Thats right, another festively plump array of the wei...

Lohan Pulls A Hasselhoff Play Video

Lohan Pulls A Hasselhoff

111 months ago 1,460,039 1

Lindsay Lohan the night before her most recent DUI arrest drunk and coked o...

Dude Grabs Reporters Butt Play Video

Dude Grabs Reporters Butt

111 months ago 479,296 216,470

Some guy walks by a news reporter while she is live on the air and grabs he...


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