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Driver Slams Into Spectator Play Video

Driver Slams Into Spectator

103 months ago 330,132

This driver loses control of his car during a drift and slams into a specta...

Recoil Knocks Chick Out Play Video

Recoil Knocks Chick Out

103 months ago 1,087,711

A chick fires a gun but the recoil is so powerful that the gun hits her fac...

Molotov Cocktail Baseball Play Video

Molotov Cocktail Baseball

103 months ago 338,558

Little known fact, Molotov cocktail baseball was actually one of Charles Da...

Disaster Movie Clip Play Video

Disaster Movie Clip

103 months ago 496,557

What would Kim Kardashian do to stay warm?

Break Gallery CCXXI Play Video

Break Gallery CCXXI

For those of you that don't have a masters degree in Roman Numerals CCXXI h...

Tree Hits Kid in the Head Play Video

Tree Hits Kid in the Head

103 months ago 534,267

This should be required viewing for all amateur lumberjacks as an example o...

Wheelbarrow Stunt Wipeout Play Video

Wheelbarrow Stunt Wipeout

103 months ago 174,819

This kid rides a wheelbarrow down a hill but after hitting a ramp he loses ...

Quality Time With The Kids Play Video

Quality Time With The Kids

103 months ago 469,113

This Dad teaches his eleven year old daughter how to dismantle an AR-15 mac...

The Pashtoon Midget Dance Play Video

The Pashtoon Midget Dance

103 months ago 311,739

Little Indian man thinks he can dance. And he can. This guy definitely has ...


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