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Fast Window Washer Play Video

Fast Window Washer

115 months ago 823,909 1

I am not sure if this dude is attempting to be one of the top window washer...

Accident Video Play Video

Accident Video

115 months ago 7,135,210 52

This guy gets nailed in the bedroom, and not the good kind.

Destroying A New SUV Play Video

Destroying A New SUV

115 months ago 1,285,468 1

These guys try to drive a brand new SUV through over five feet of water and...

Firecracker Freak Out Play Video

Firecracker Freak Out

115 months ago 471,648 1

Put a thing of firecrackers in a tin and toss them at your mother lounging ...

Russian Skinheads Vs Skaters Play Video

Russian Skinheads Vs Skaters

115 months ago 1,895,739 3

Apparently Moscow has a real problem with skinheads who roam the streets be...

Paula Abdul Chimes In On Iraq Play Video

Paula Abdul Chimes In On Iraq

115 months ago 439,041 19,827

Paula Abdul has a few opinions on the plan to increase our troop presence i...

Failed Raquetball Trick Play Video

Failed Raquetball Trick

115 months ago 653,269 2

Im not sure what kinda trick this dude was trying to do but he smashes a ra...

Instant Snow Play Video

Instant Snow

115 months ago 813,705 111,595

I thought this stuff was pretty cool. Just add a little bit of water and t...

Biker Slides Down Street Play Video

Biker Slides Down Street

116 months ago 593,774 4

This dude tries to do a wheelie on a back street but loses control and wipe...

Amazing Backyard Bike Track Play Video

Amazing Backyard Bike Track

116 months ago 926,257 6

This is a first person perspective of a couple guys riding down one a very ...

Youll Shoot Your Eye Out Play Video

Youll Shoot Your Eye Out

116 months ago 1,161,686 6

Homeboy takes a direct hit to his looking ball from a paintball gun. i gues...

Insane Lake Jump Second Angle Play Video

Insane Lake Jump Second Angle

116 months ago 1,077,634 1

About a month ago we posted a video of a kid doing an insane jump off a cli...

Nasty Ski Fall Play Video

Nasty Ski Fall

116 months ago 623,912 1,005,118

This guy takes a nasty fall after trying to land a 270 on the box. This is ...

Zero To Smashed In 20 Seconds Play Video

Zero To Smashed In 20 Seconds

116 months ago 1,540,237 5

This dude drinks an entire bottle of Vodka in just 20 seconds. The effects...

Flying Down A Mountain Play Video

Flying Down A Mountain

116 months ago 633,043 1,376,652

I am not sure where this was filmed but this looks friggin awesome. Somebo...

Just A Spoonful of Cinnamon Play Video

Just A Spoonful of Cinnamon

116 months ago 852,360 4

Apparently, there is an old fact that it is impossible for the body to dige...


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