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A Human Beatbox Play Video

A Human Beatbox

121 months ago 477,577 7

At first this looked kinda dumb to me but its well done and funny. Plus, t...

Cheating Death Play Video

Cheating Death

121 months ago 104,900 369,305

I thought this was hilarious. Its a commercial for some small beer company...

Funny Mask Wake Up Play Video

Funny Mask Wake Up

121 months ago 133,132 297,086

These guys put on what has to be the strangest looking mask ever to wake th...

Billy Banks Gets Knocked Out Play Video

Billy Banks Gets Knocked Out

121 months ago 368,434 23

We are told the guy in the blue is Billy Banks from those Tae Bo exercise v...

Rally Car Crashes Into Flames Play Video

Rally Car Crashes Into Flames

121 months ago 185,275 400,056

A rally car is crusing at a very high speed and as he goes around a very sl...

Evolution of Dance Play Video

Evolution of Dance

121 months ago 497,358 51

Evolution of Dance: This is the smash hit video that everyone and his mothe...

Pool Table Rube Goldberg Play Video

Pool Table Rube Goldberg

121 months ago 548,271 2

Cool Rube Goldberg apparatus set up on a pool table. I dont think Ill ever ...

Biker Outruns Cops Play Video

Biker Outruns Cops

121 months ago 310,094 4

A guy on a motorcycle outruns the cops doing 336km/h then returns to the co...

Only The Freshest Salmon Play Video

Only The Freshest Salmon

121 months ago 119,330 15

This is a pretty funny commercial for a fish company that claims to have th...

Testing the House Play Video

Testing the House

121 months ago 75,767 121,714

These guys spent hours building a fort out of styrofoam. It turned out real...

Unsuccessful Robbery Play Video

Unsuccessful Robbery

121 months ago 170,945 1

A guy tries to steal a womens purse in an elevator. He fails.

Creek Tree Fall Play Video

Creek Tree Fall

121 months ago 91,193 416,673

A guy jumps from tree to tree in above a creek. Unfortunately he loses his ...

Cops Recover a Stolen Truck Play Video

Cops Recover a Stolen Truck

121 months ago 260,594 1

This is an amazing video. It doesnt even seem real, almost like its out of...

Al-Zarqai Is A Fumbling Doofus Play Video

Al-Zarqai Is A Fumbling Doofus

121 months ago 242,922 542,853

US forces just uncovered a blooper reel of terrorist leader Al-Zarqawi fumb...

Help Save The Loop Play Video

Help Save The Loop

121 months ago 171,562 1

A while back we developed an unhealthy obsession with this smokin hot myste...

Do You Really Know Her? Play Video

Do You Really Know Her?

121 months ago 192,256 94,968

What would you do if you found out that your girlfriend was secretly stripp...


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