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Screech Almost Gets Beat Up Play Video

Screech Almost Gets Beat Up

113 months ago 970,171 1,610,882

Im still not sure what show this is from but the dude on the panel wants to...

Home Made Pole Dance Mishap Play Video

Home Made Pole Dance Mishap

113 months ago 5,057,374 9

A scantily clad Asian hottie sets up a stripper pole in her bedroom to show...

Pool Jump Super Star Play Video

Pool Jump Super Star

113 months ago 868,315 1

Is anyone surprised that a guy who wears a full body scarface t-shirt would...

Kid Snaps Arm In Half Play Video

Kid Snaps Arm In Half

113 months ago 796,288 54

Some kid tries a small jump but flips over the handle bars. He lands awkwa...

Family Feud Morons Play Video

Family Feud Morons

113 months ago 802,264 2

This must have been inbred family week on Family Feud because these have to...

Six Trainees Tased Together Play Video

Six Trainees Tased Together

113 months ago 573,234 1

Whats better than one cop getting tased? How about a video of six rookie tr...

Fire Fighter Gets High Play Video

Fire Fighter Gets High

113 months ago 1,339,680 33

A fire breaks out in a home that was full of pot. This is a short intervie...

David Hasselhoff Drunk Spoof Play Video

David Hasselhoff Drunk Spoof

113 months ago 635,174 1

A remake of the heartbreaking video shot by his daughter. The dude playing...

New Anti-Gravity Helicopter Play Video

New Anti-Gravity Helicopter

113 months ago 1,444,319 31

This looks pretty cool. The FPS on the video camera are exactly in sync wi...

Toddler Getting Kicked Remix Play Video

Toddler Getting Kicked Remix

113 months ago 601,950 1,835,910

Someone has taking the infamous Breakdancer kicking the toddler footage and...

News Anchor On-Air Fart Play Video

News Anchor On-Air Fart

113 months ago 1,087,367 3,737,759

Listen as this guys co-anchor rips a loud fart in the middle of his broadca...

Car Music Play Video

Car Music

113 months ago 544,173 2

This guy created this video using just sounds from his car. It reminded me...


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