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Homicidal Baby Starring Flynn Play Video

Homicidal Baby Starring Flynn

120 months ago 124,752 1

Flynn is just your ordinary average baby right? WRONG. Flynn is fed up with...

Intense Argument On Bus Play Video

Intense Argument On Bus

120 months ago 107,581 109,633

Apparently these two guys were being really loud in the back of a bus and d...

Crating Bush Crash Play Video

Crating Bush Crash

120 months ago 76,296 51,876

This kid is trying to train for next year's Iditarod dog sled race. The onl...

Killer Whale Body Slam Play Video

Killer Whale Body Slam

120 months ago 123,600 3

Can you smell what Shamoo is cooking? Watch this Killer Whale body slam one...

Drinking Pig Blood Play Video

Drinking Pig Blood

120 months ago 42,710 119,364

Taking shots of blood. The last time I took shots of pig blood I woke up wi...

Hilarious Dance Faceplant Play Video

Hilarious Dance Faceplant

120 months ago 2,048,147 2

Here's a sentence I never in a million years thought I would write: A redhe...

Roller Skating Monkey Part 2 Play Video

Roller Skating Monkey Part 2

120 months ago 67,347 1

If you thought part ONE was awesome, wait till you see part to of the rolle...

Elaborate Boot Kicking Prank Play Video

Elaborate Boot Kicking Prank

120 months ago 126,662 304,065

This is a very funny prank that probably took a while to plan, set up, test...

Excited Peacock Ruins Photo-Op Play Video

Excited Peacock Ruins Photo-Op

120 months ago 54,455 108,930

While at a zoo a group of friends spot several rare Peacocks in a nearby ga...

Dirt Bike Wipeout Play Video

Dirt Bike Wipeout

120 months ago 260,902 522,837

It sucks that when you start to lose your bike on a wheelie that the first ...

Strong Dude Play Video

Strong Dude

120 months ago 174,807 210,571

Some college kid grabs two cheerleaders and tosses them both up simultaneou...

Cobra Kai Karate Kick Play Video

Cobra Kai Karate Kick

120 months ago 342,059 897,123

Apparently this is the first match for the guy farthest from the camera. Bu...

Race Car Loses Tire Play Video

Race Car Loses Tire

120 months ago 341,112 1

During an F1 race a car loses its tire causing it to crash into a wall. Th...

Owned At Spring Break Play Video

Owned At Spring Break

120 months ago 896,690 4

A couple of college buddies get owned while hitting on some chicks at the b...

Enron Dont Drop The Soap Play Video

Enron Dont Drop The Soap

120 months ago 56,735 0

Yesterday, former Enron executives Jeff Skilling and Ken Lay were found gui...

Car Goes Flying After Crash Play Video

Car Goes Flying After Crash

120 months ago 256,507 1

On what looks like a rainy day at the track a car goes flying, litterally. ...

Pervert Caught At The Library Play Video

Pervert Caught At The Library

120 months ago 577,397 30

This is my favorite clip of the week, a news crew in Cleveland confronts a ...

Air Force One Gets Tagged Play Video

Air Force One Gets Tagged

120 months ago 323,182 1

I am still having trouble believing this one. A couple of kids, in a demon...


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