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Most Awesome Kitchen Pranks Play Video

Most Awesome Kitchen Pranks 48 months ago

The kitchen has always been a popular place for people to gather. That make...

Underwater Farting Penguin Play Video

Underwater Farting Penguin 48 months ago

Penguin doesn't want to be followed anymore so he comes up with the perfect...

Insane Women's Soccer Brawl Play Video

Insane Women's Soccer Brawl 48 months ago

This immediately followed a similar brawl in the stands from husbands and b...

Hottest Workout Ever [GIF] Play Video

Hottest Workout Ever [GIF] 48 months ago

I'm not going to start working out, but I just may start going to the gym.

Massive Sopping Cart Fail Play Video

Massive Sopping Cart Fail 48 months ago

Aren't you the assistant manager? How about you assistant manage to help cl...

Drake Haircut Fail Play Video

Drake Haircut Fail 48 months ago

This guy was attempting to get an image from a Drake poster shaved into the...



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