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Stripper Bangs Head On Pole Play Video

Stripper Bangs Head On Pole

106 months ago 784,601

A chick is practicing a stripping routine on a pole but loses her balance a...

Awareness Test Play Video

Awareness Test

106 months ago 1,761,783

This is one of the coolest videos I've seen in a while. Try and count the n...

Wave in Spain Takes Out Cars Play Video

Wave in Spain Takes Out Cars

106 months ago 297,802

A huge wave in La Coruna Spain crashes over a barrier and takes out a coupl...

Joe Rogan Owns UFC Heckler Play Video

Joe Rogan Owns UFC Heckler

106 months ago 820,514

A UFC fan heckles Joe Rogan while on stage at the Funny Bone Comedy Club. ...

Guys Push Buddy Out Window Play Video

Guys Push Buddy Out Window

106 months ago 266,872

Alright, its obvious this one is a fake but it still was pretty well done. ...

Head Slam Knock Out Play Video

Head Slam Knock Out

106 months ago 701,800

Just when you thought the fight was over someone learns the heard way that ...

Reporter Owned By Sled Play Video

Reporter Owned By Sled

106 months ago 1,814,761

Some Canadian Global news reporter thinks the bottom of a sledding hill is ...

Urban Soccer Is A Fun Sport Play Video

Urban Soccer Is A Fun Sport

106 months ago 334,350

Urban Soccer is a hilarious new sport that I hope really catches on. Some F...

Steak & BJ Day Play Video

Steak & BJ Day

106 months ago 354,895

Tomorrow, March 14th is officially Steak & BJ day also known as Valentine's...

Showoff Biker Wipes Out Play Video

Showoff Biker Wipes Out

106 months ago 441,612

Some Harley dude is trying to show off for a crowd of people until he loses...

Bro Search Play Video

Bro Search

106 months ago 725,927

Finding a Bro can take a lifetime. Girlfriends are a dime a dozen but a goo...


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