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Dog Cheats At The Track Play Video

Dog Cheats At The Track

113 months ago 1,435,867 12

You know your in for a good day at the dog races when something like this h...

Bad Place To Drift Play Video

Bad Place To Drift

113 months ago 934,317 1

If youre gonna do some drifting, you might want to make sure there arent an...

Armored Humvee Hit By IED Play Video

Armored Humvee Hit By IED

113 months ago 933,062 1,715,603

This is video from within an armored humvee as the troops drive over an IED...

Camel Gets Hit By Train Play Video

Camel Gets Hit By Train

113 months ago 1,402,073 3,120,836

Im not sure what the hell is wrong with the camels over in Saudi Arabia. I...

Girl Pushed Into Fountain Play Video

Girl Pushed Into Fountain

113 months ago 1,571,412 3

An unsuspecting girl is pushed into the mall fountain and is left soaking w...

Rookie Howitzer Loader Play Video

Rookie Howitzer Loader

Some rookie Howitzer loader clearly has never heard of a little thing calle...

Break Gallery CXXXVI Play Video

Break Gallery CXXXVI

Break Gallery #136!!! Another hooping and hollering collection of misfits, ...

Security Guard Catches Thief Play Video

Security Guard Catches Thief

113 months ago 734,988 322,007

A security guard catches a dude stealing a cheap bottle of Vodka and kicks ...

The New Michael Jordan Play Video

The New Michael Jordan

113 months ago 1,118,263 522,682

A lot of people have been talking about who is the next Michael Jordan, som...

Did You Just Check Her Out? Play Video

Did You Just Check Her Out?

113 months ago 2,002,395 1

When you are walking through the park with your wife and newborn baby you m...

Very Fresh Fish Play Video

Very Fresh Fish

113 months ago 1,741,798 6

Im all about eating fresh food but I think this Japanese restaurant has tak...


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