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Egg Prank Backfires Play Video

Egg Prank Backfires

105 months ago 572,813

This guy tries to get his buddy with the old 'Bet you cant hold an egg in y...

Buddy Caught In the Act Play Video

Buddy Caught In the Act

105 months ago 1,370,988

These guys get the key to their buddy's room from the RA and bust in him wi...

Sunburn Slap Play Video

Sunburn Slap

105 months ago 275,970

After falling asleep outside at Myrtle Beach this guy lets his buddies slap...

Roof Jump Goes Horribly Bad Play Video

Roof Jump Goes Horribly Bad

105 months ago 534,027

This guys attempts to body slam his buddy from his roof but misses the land...

Watch Out for that Tumbler! Play Video

Watch Out for that Tumbler!

105 months ago 860,537

This gymnast/tumbler just went from the king of spring break to the awkward...

Would You Hit It? Play Video

Would You Hit It?

105 months ago 1,473,525

Apparently this guy with the cute blond girlfriend is too stupid to realize...

I Killed Your Husband Play Video

I Killed Your Husband

105 months ago 175,300

All they need is two passports and two tickets to Mexico and Casey and Jane...

How to Talk to Black People Play Video

How to Talk to Black People

105 months ago 523,572

The U.S. Olympic Track & Field trials are being held in Eugene, Oregon, thi...

Longboard Street Wipeout Play Video

Longboard Street Wipeout

105 months ago 182,144

A couple guys race down a street on longboards. The dude leading loses his...

Fire Stunt Goes Bad Play Video

Fire Stunt Goes Bad

105 months ago 232,659

This kid soaks his clothes in gasoline and lites himself on fire. After a ...

Break Gallery CLXXXV Play Video

Break Gallery CLXXXV

Break Gallery #185!!! Time to get it on with a little bit of happytime with...

Tazer Challenge Failure Play Video

Tazer Challenge Failure

105 months ago 331,051

This guy is sure that he can walk a straight line 10 feet ahead even after ...

Skater Slams Into Glass Door Play Video

Skater Slams Into Glass Door

105 months ago 342,114

A skater rides a rail straight into a glass door and busts right through it...


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