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How I broke my pelvis Play Video

How I broke my pelvis

107 months ago 404,105 35

This snowboarder gets some pretty good hang time off the jump but lands awk...

Perfectly Executed Ramp Jump Play Video

Perfectly Executed Ramp Jump

107 months ago 412,953 319

This kid builds up some speed then executes a jump perfectly. Oh wait no he...

Drunk Man Hits Invisible Wall Play Video

Drunk Man Hits Invisible Wall

107 months ago 691,061 467

I know where this wall is. I actually walked into it myself last night. T...

David vs Goliath Play Video

David vs Goliath

107 months ago 1,431,165 8

This is another David vs Goliath fight however, this time the little dude a...

Breaking Up is Hard Play Video

Breaking Up is Hard

107 months ago 499,281 10

Breaking up with your girlfriend is never easy to do. Its something that re...

Man Sleepwalks off Balcony Play Video

Man Sleepwalks off Balcony

107 months ago 317,486 93

If you have a tendency to sleepwalk you might not want to in a ground floor...

Dont Taze Me Bro Play Video

Dont Taze Me Bro

107 months ago 492,010 260

I thought this was great. Its a spoof on a few recent internet celebrities...

Look at My Play Video

Look at My

107 months ago 2,567,349 4

This girl has cracked the homepage formula. Create a catchy song ...

Did You Know: The Human Body Play Video

Did You Know: The Human Body

107 months ago 734,993 1

This video is really cool, it tells a bunch of little known but insane fact...

Train Vs Snow Play Video

Train Vs Snow

107 months ago 726,816 4

Very impressive. There must be nearly a foot of snow laying on the tracks ...

Cop Hangs On As Porsche Flees Play Video

Cop Hangs On As Porsche Flees

107 months ago 284,137 70

As brave as this cop was I got to wonder why once the driver turned on the ...

mountainbike dirtjump crash Play Video

mountainbike dirtjump crash

107 months ago 249,483 212

This might be one of the hardest faceplants all year. This guy doesnt pick...

Horse Faceplants Play Video

Horse Faceplants

107 months ago 162,709 101

This horse is the equivalent to a sober driver that runs into a tree. Then ...


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