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Fart Caught On Infrared Camera Play Video

Fart Caught On Infrared Camera

116 months ago 2,050,927 51

If you've ever wondered what a fart looks like on an infrared camera, this ...

Halo 3 Preview Play Video

Halo 3 Preview

116 months ago 687,711 1,536,294

After watching this trailer for Halo 3 that debuted during Monday Night Foo...

How To Dance Like A White Guy Play Video

How To Dance Like A White Guy

116 months ago 584,224 6

This is pretty funny. These guys made an instructional video on how to dan...

Egg Nog Challenge - Part 2 Play Video

Egg Nog Challenge - Part 2

116 months ago 267,609 627,636

Our buddies over at Opie and Anthony sent over this one. Its the 2006 Egg ...

Bunny Letter Opener Play Video

Bunny Letter Opener

116 months ago 431,176 2,034,278

This is a pretty cute bunny who also doubles as a letter opener. You'll nev...

German Helicopter Stunts Play Video

German Helicopter Stunts

116 months ago 730,779 2

I dont know a lot about helicopters but I'm guessing this is a pretty tough...

Cameron Diazs Old Talent Play Video

Cameron Diazs Old Talent

116 months ago 1,129,495 503,560

This is pretty funny. Its a clip from NBC's Tonite Show. Jay Leno brings ...

Boat is Too Tall For Bridge Play Video

Boat is Too Tall For Bridge

116 months ago 617,734 1

A boat tries to fit under a bridge but misses by about 30 feet. The good n...

Pepper Water Trick Play Video

Pepper Water Trick

116 months ago 1,842,812 2,866,473

This is a pretty cool and simple trick to pull on your friends. All you nee...

Will It Blend Spoof Play Video

Will It Blend Spoof

116 months ago 548,068 546,409

Everyone has seen the actual Blendtec Total Blender videos online. See what...


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