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Beatbox Parrot Play Video

Beatbox Parrot

118 months ago 502,945 6

Some guy taught his parrot how to beatbox and the little fella is actually ...

Motorcycle Jump Misses Play Video

Motorcycle Jump Misses

118 months ago 676,279 1

A dude jumps a bride with his motorcycle but the wind is too strong and pus...

Failed Skiing Back Flip Play Video

Failed Skiing Back Flip

118 months ago 279,913 819,857

Ok if you're name isn't Johnny Mosely maybe you should stick to going up an...

The Worlds Worst Goalkeepers Play Video

The Worlds Worst Goalkeepers

118 months ago 797,094 1

Great compilation of some of the worst goalies moments. My favorite is the...

Mel Gibson Hates Jews Play Video

Mel Gibson Hates Jews

118 months ago 505,787 1,224,643

Alright, I realize the whole Mel Gibson hating Jews is old now but you I th...

Runners Prank Starters Play Video

Runners Prank Starters

118 months ago 513,255 1,817,392

A group of runners claim there starter is running late and talk people into...

Houshold Dominos Play Video

Houshold Dominos

118 months ago 358,865 3

This is pretty cool. A group of guys create a huge falling domino video bu...

Pizza Fart On Head Play Video

Pizza Fart On Head

118 months ago 400,331 791,588

Pretty simple prank, order a pizza and somehow get the deliveryman to bend ...

Muppet Orgy Play Video

Muppet Orgy

118 months ago 291,096 1,227,640

I always knew there was something going on between Bert and Ernie. I guess ...

Close Calls Play Video

Close Calls

118 months ago 477,461 1,956,398

This is a compilation of a bunch of clips we have posted on our site over t...

Master Hand Slapper Play Video

Master Hand Slapper

118 months ago 271,291 822,354

This is a foreign commerical of some guy that travels half way around the w...

Old Lady Mad At Kids Play Video

Old Lady Mad At Kids

118 months ago 541,982 1

This is kinda funny. A group of kids pull up to a gas station and jump out...

Home Run Shot Hits Biker Play Video

Home Run Shot Hits Biker

118 months ago 889,782 2

A biker is riding past a baseball field when a home run clears the fence an...

How To Iron Play Video

How To Iron

118 months ago 1,388,566 3

This is mainly an instructional video for guys that do not know how to iron...

Runaway Semi Tips Over Play Video

Runaway Semi Tips Over

118 months ago 598,635 72,696

A semi is speeding through a subdivision while being chased by the police a...

Roller Coaster Accident Play Video

Roller Coaster Accident

118 months ago 1,271,176 4

This is a clip of a two-seater roller coaster crashing into the roller coas...


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