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Bloodsport Mentos Commercial Play Video

Bloodsport Mentos Commercial

118 months ago 345,612 6

Someone has brilliantly taken footage from the classic Van Dam movie Bloods...

Gas Tank Explosion Play Video

Gas Tank Explosion

118 months ago 476,185 227,235

This is a video of my boss when he tried to cut a car in half. He obviously...

Paintball Bunker Launce Play Video

Paintball Bunker Launce

118 months ago 583,640 142,718

This kid sits on a half deflated bunker when his friend jumps on it. I dont...

Roommate Caught Dancing Play Video

Roommate Caught Dancing

118 months ago 420,067 173,998

College is starting back up again which is exciting because we get little e...

Dont Become A Lesbian Play Video

Dont Become A Lesbian

Here's another funny clip from Weeds where a mom explains to her daughter w...

Dude On Bike Gets Hit By Car Play Video

Dude On Bike Gets Hit By Car

118 months ago 555,061 2,217,676

A cop is doing a routine traffic stop when a biker trys to cross the street...

Big Knock Out Punch By Soldier Play Video

Big Knock Out Punch By Soldier

118 months ago 1,921,419 4,001,552

A couple soldiers have a boxing match during a break. The dude in the beig...

Drunk Dude Busts Fence Play Video

Drunk Dude Busts Fence

118 months ago 632,794 1,149,235

Some big 300lb+ drunk dude gets pissed off and busts a fence while cops try...

Flying Cone Explosion Play Video

Flying Cone Explosion

118 months ago 287,716 2

I wasnt really expecting this to be a big deal but I must admit I was impre...

Bone Crushing Bike Crash Play Video

Bone Crushing Bike Crash

118 months ago 992,062 3

A brutal, bone crushing bike fall. After a crash like that it might be time...

Cub Boxing Play Video

Cub Boxing

118 months ago 305,993 1

Those crazy japanese are at it again. The same people who taught a monkey t...

Blonde Girl Flip Play Video

Blonde Girl Flip

118 months ago 1,159,846 3

This is an example of why you dont ask a blonde girl to help you do a flip....

Big Boy Gets Tazered Play Video

Big Boy Gets Tazered

118 months ago 1,048,530 15

This big 340lb dude will not let go of the car or listen to cops until he g...

Ferrari Street Race Play Video

Ferrari Street Race

118 months ago 610,316 1

A couple of very expensive Ferraris race on public freeways. Man that looks...

Twisted Sister School Fight Play Video

Twisted Sister School Fight

118 months ago 1,286,859 9

A guy who looks a lot like Dee Snider of Twisted Sister takes on a guy who ...

Handicap Race Cheater Play Video

Handicap Race Cheater

118 months ago 556,630 4

Now this isnt right. Some dude competes in a handicap wheelchair race and ...

Pool Table Rube Goldberg Play Video

Pool Table Rube Goldberg

118 months ago 802,921 2

Check out this awesome pool table rube goldberg. It involves multiple table...


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