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Did You Know: The Human Body Play Video

Did You Know: The Human Body

107 months ago 734,989 1

This video is really cool, it tells a bunch of little known but insane fact...

Train Vs Snow Play Video

Train Vs Snow

107 months ago 726,802 4

Very impressive. There must be nearly a foot of snow laying on the tracks ...

Cop Hangs On As Porsche Flees Play Video

Cop Hangs On As Porsche Flees

107 months ago 284,135 70

As brave as this cop was I got to wonder why once the driver turned on the ...

mountainbike dirtjump crash Play Video

mountainbike dirtjump crash

107 months ago 249,481 212

This might be one of the hardest faceplants all year. This guy doesnt pick...

Horse Faceplants Play Video

Horse Faceplants

107 months ago 162,709 101

This horse is the equivalent to a sober driver that runs into a tree. Then ...

Old Man Goes Nuts In Car Wash Play Video

Old Man Goes Nuts In Car Wash

107 months ago 467,753 526

The police report states that this old guy went nuts in a car was because h...

Little Mr. Sunshine Play Video

Little Mr. Sunshine

107 months ago 321,637 672

Wow. Just wow. I didnt know that Clay Aiken and Celine Dion were even datin...

Worst Ambulance Ride Ever Play Video

Worst Ambulance Ride Ever

107 months ago 624,803 4

When you put an injured person on a stretcher always make sure the back of ...

Failed Backflip Play Video

Failed Backflip

107 months ago 260,546 274

Ive seen a dude with nunchucks faceplant a backflip so hard that it knocked...

Waitress Falls Through Window Play Video

Waitress Falls Through Window

107 months ago 500,304 2

If it makes you feel better about yourself go ahead and state the obvious i...

Break Gallery CLXVII Play Video

Break Gallery CLXVII

Break Gallery #167!!! w00t, w00t, we got a gaggle of the most ridiculous ph...

Insane Car Battery Hack! Play Video

Insane Car Battery Hack!

107 months ago 540,532 2

Youll never believe whats inside. Save tons of money a year just by hacking...

Smooth Move Dude Play Video

Smooth Move Dude

107 months ago 236,779 83

This guy has cat like skills and reflexes. He tries to jump through a hole ...


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