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Break Gallery CCXXVII Play Video

Break Gallery CCXXVII

Break Gallery 227! Get ready to have your mind pictures! Enjoy, ...

New Employee Plaster Prank Play Video

New Employee Plaster Prank

104 months ago 300,384

This new employee attempts to prove his strength but instead proves his stu...

Cheap Shot Play Video

Cheap Shot

104 months ago 588,958

This kid is really pissed off that someone stole his plant so he tries to s...

Woman Nearly Crushed by Gate Play Video

Woman Nearly Crushed by Gate

104 months ago 417,128

As the gate closes, this woman tries to pull an Indiana Jones by dropping a...

Guy Busts Light Bulb on Face Play Video

Guy Busts Light Bulb on Face

104 months ago 246,197

If MacGyver had to make a contraption that breaks light bulbs on the faces ...

Ninja Cat Play Video

Ninja Cat

104 months ago 1,108,706

Cat videos like this one are actually kind of creepy. This cat moves up a h...

Tow Truck Tips After Rescue Play Video

Tow Truck Tips After Rescue

104 months ago 290,310

Some truck driver flips over his semi and after he gets bailed out he backs...

Scooter Double Backflip Play Video

Scooter Double Backflip

104 months ago 192,953

This kid fails multiple times at a double backflip on a ramp and finally af...

One Crazy Kangaroo Play Video

One Crazy Kangaroo

104 months ago 732,421

This French kangaroo is one of the trickiest pranksters in the animal kingd...


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