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Dont Juggle Bowling Balls Play Video

Dont Juggle Bowling Balls

108 months ago 590,508 6

A terrible accident is caught while trying to make a juggling bowling balls...

The Infamous Punch Play Video

The Infamous Punch

108 months ago 334,772 2

Even when theyre pissed off they are very polite and proper.

Bored At Work Play Video

Bored At Work

108 months ago 350,480 1

Watch what happens when someone with too much free time gets bored at work.

Frisking Cop Gets Too Frisky Play Video

Frisking Cop Gets Too Frisky

108 months ago 748,559 584

I have to say the same thing about 15 times a day; pretty common problem fo...

Auto Pilot Glider Takeoff Play Video

Auto Pilot Glider Takeoff

108 months ago 245,619 1

This thing is so cool I definitely want one. I just dont know how he plans ...

Dumb Woman Ladder Accident Play Video

Dumb Woman Ladder Accident

108 months ago 379,111 5

Dumb woman climbs ladder to put up a sign. The ladder was not securely grip...

Break Gallery CLXI Play Video

Break Gallery CLXI

Break Gallery 161!!! We missed you last night but we are back with a bite. ...

The Ultimate Faceplant Play Video

The Ultimate Faceplant

108 months ago 567,263 1

This dude decides he is ready to take his extreme biking skills to the next...

Would He Run? Play Video

Would He Run?

108 months ago 612,814 19

If attacked by a gang of sword wielding ninjas would the worlds fastest spe...

Break Dancer Loses At Life Play Video

Break Dancer Loses At Life

108 months ago 278,969 1

Whats the hardest part about Break Dancing? Finding out its not 1985. Oh an...

Tickle This... Play Video

Tickle This...

108 months ago 256,220 68

Elmo is a smug little bastard. Its time to teach him a lesson.

Dog Is Bad At Playing Dead Play Video

Dog Is Bad At Playing Dead

108 months ago 864,496 45

This dog is trying to play dead but he has one dead giveaway. Can you figur...

The History of LOLCats Play Video

The History of LOLCats

108 months ago 448,112 1

Historian Ben Burrns brings us through this history of LOLCats. Did you kno...

Cutest Laughing Baby Ever Play Video

Cutest Laughing Baby Ever

108 months ago 438,087 2

This giggling baby has the best laugh ever. Almost makes up entirely for al...

5 Foot Shark Caught By Hand Play Video

5 Foot Shark Caught By Hand

108 months ago 753,206 14

This guy thinks he is the second coming of the crocodile hunter and pulls a...


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